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(y/n) pov

I stayed silent as the the hybrid hunters passed by my hiding place. You see hybrids are highly disliked here and I happen to be a cat hybrid, or a neko. "Where'd she go?" The gruff voice of one of the hunters said. "THERE!" The other shouted  pointing at me.  I  gasped and tried to run away but one blocked my path. "Hehe here kitty, kitty."  One said. I hissed and backed up. The one with the gruff voice smirked and held up his gun, "Now stay still and i'l-AAHHHH." He was cut off when an arrow pierced his shoulder. He staggered and tried to pull it out. Another arrow flew from somewhere and planted it self deep in his head. The other hunters' eyes widened and he pointed his gun in the direction the arrow came from. "sh-SHOW YOUR SELF!" Laughing was heard, "Do you really want to see me?" I shivered, my exit was still blocked so I couldn't  leave. "COME O-OUT N-NOW." The hunter yelled. He laughed again and a figure jumped out of the tree. My eyes widened, his cloths were bloodied and he had blood red eyes. He held a bloody bow and arrow. The hunter pointed the gun at him. The boy just smirked and tilted his head. The hunter was shaking, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. I flinched at the loud noise and closed my eyes. When I opened them the guy was gone. "Wha?" The hunter stared at the spot the boy was at in disbelief. I looked around, suddenly the hunter screamed, I looked where the hunter was standing. He was dead on the ground. The boy was holding a bloody diamond sword. I yelped but quickly covered my mouth. To late. His head snapped in my direction. My ears pressed against my head and my tail whipped around. He smirked and walked towards me. I tried to run but my body wouldn't move. He was now right in front of me. He grinned, "I saved your life," I yelped when he grabbed my arm, "You owe me." I shook and my tail proofed up a little, "W-what?" I managed out. "You heard me. You. Owe. Me." He pulled on my arm. I yelped and tried to pull my arm away. He grinned st my struggle, "Your not getting away." My tail lashed around, "L-let g-go of m-me." He laughed and shook his head, "Nope," He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, "Your coming with me." I let out a surprised mew, "P-put me down!" He just shook his head and walked towards the forest. I growled and hit my fist on his back. He just giggled and kept walking. After the 14 time I gave up. I flicked my tail in his face. He ignored me and kept walking, I did it again. He made a face but said nothing. I smiled and flicked it again. He growled. I did it one more time, "If you do not stop it, i'll cut your tail off." He snarled threw gritted teeth. I flinched at his harsh voice and stopped. After that he stayed silent. "Whats your name?" I asked him. "Mitch." was all he said, "Well i'm (y/n)." He only nodded. I hated the silence. "You know I can walk right?" "Yes. I also know you can run." I crossed my arms and growled. After about five minutes I asked, "Where are you taking me?" He snarled, "WILL YOU SHUT UP!?" I flinched and stayed quiet. I looked over my shoulder, the trees thinned out and a house came into view. He mumbled finally and walked up to the door. He threw me on the couch, I hissed in surprise. "Stay!" He commanded and walked to what I think was his room. I sat normally and fixed my (h/c) hair. He walked back out hiding something behind his back. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. Here." He held up a (f/c) ball of yarn. My eyes lit up and I stared at the yarn. He smirked and tossed it on the floor. I meowed and jumped at it. He giggled and sat on the couch, watching me play with the ball of yarn. after ten minutes of playing I managed to tie my self up. He smiled and picked me up setting me on his lap, "Someone looks stuck." He said laughing. I tried to get my hands free. He smiled and gently un tied my hands. I blushed at how close we were. He sighed, "I am really sorry I yelled at you." I smiled, "It's okay." I said. He smiled and gently tilted my head up.  He leaned in and I did to. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. I wrapped mine around his neck and kissed back, with closed eyes. He pulled away, "So forgive me?" I smiled and kissed him again, "Does that answer your question?" He smiled, "Yes, it does."

I SUCK AT ENDINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Requested by The_Soda_Pup

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