Killercanadian x Hunter!reader

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Y/n pov

I was a hunter. Specifically a demon hunter. I was highly trained to track and kill some of the most dangerous creatures. My assignment was to kill a huge disruption in daily human life. A demon that would kill hundreds of people monthly. This kind of act was unheard of. The demon was dubbed 'KillerCanadian', because the murders started in Canada, but they would soon spread out across the world. The murders were the same, the eyes cut out, neck slit, and a horizontal cut across the stomach. The 'System' knew it was the same person because there was always a small 'M' cut somewhere on the body. No one knew what that meant, of course. Th KillerCanadian was located near where I was stationed. How they got it, I don't know, but I was sent out to retrieve his body. Yes, body. I was told to kill him. That wouldn't be a problem, of course. Currently, I was stalking threw the forest, he was close. In the distance, I could see a blood splatter. I made my way to it, of course. It was a male, the same eyeless, cut open style. A small 'M' was cut into his forehead, right in the center. The kill was fresh, if I found it sooner, I could have probably saved the poor kid. But that's not my job.  So, with a new determination, I continued on, following the bloodied footprints. They stopped abruptly after a moment. Strange, I thought, looking around, They shouldn't just disappear like that... My thoughts were interrupted by a quiet 'thump' from behind me. I spun around instantly, ripping the dagger from my belt. A boy stood there. he looked no older then me. He had light brown hair that was slightly messy. He wore a checkered shirt and regular jeans. He would have looked normal, except for a few differences. He had red eyes.....and was splattered in blood. The killer grinned, "So you're the person they sent. Huh....I would have expected someone a little....better." I hissed, I was not about to get insulted by a demon! "I wasn't expecting a brunet wannabee who looks like a trouble teen." His grin dropped into a sneer, "I thought hunters were supposed to be men." I glared at him, "What? A woman can't kill demons?" He smirked, "I mean, sure. But look like you just got out of high school." "I thought demons were supposed to be menacing, guess I was wrong." The next ten minutes went with the both of us just insulting each other. Finally, he started laughing. I paused, getting caught off guard. "You are a true IDIOT!" He continued to laugh, "Y-you're suppose to be 'killing' me! Hahaha! Yet you choose to play games with me!" I growled, bringing my arm back and throwing it at him. It spun threw the air, before....stopping. It stopped mid flight, the blade almost touching his eye. He wasn't laughing anymore, he just had a small smirk on his lips. The weapon fell uselessly to the ground. The demon chuckled softly, "You just threw you're only weapon, out of pure anger. That isn't what a real hunter's supposed to be." He stepped forward, pulling out a sharp knife, "Allow me to teach you how it's done." Before I could comprehend what he was doing, the demon suddenly ran at me, and I was shoved to the ground the blade pressed to my neck. "Now, if you did that, I could be dead. But, since you  obviously weren't taught the proper way to fi-" I cut him off by driving my knee between his legs. He grunted slightly, pressing the knife harder against my neck. "You're a fighter. I'll give you that." He muttered, putting a knee over both my legs. He smirked, "Listen...Little Y/n, you're different...special in a way." My eyebrows raised slightly, and I gave him a look that said 'no'. He smiled, "Lets make a deal?" "What kind of deal?" I was told never to make deals with demons. "A simple one, nothing bad." He trailed off, "Give me a kiss and I'll let you live." "What!?" I said in disgust, "No!" He brought the knife back, holding it in both hands, and preparing to jerk it down, "Alright, if you say so." I hesitated, "W-wait!" He did, smirking slightly. "It's....just a kiss?" "Just a kiss." He confirmed. "Fine..." Almost as soon as I said it, the knife in his hands disappeared. He leaned down, slyly ghosting his lips across mine, before pressing them together. His lisp were soft, the kiss was gentle as well. As I said, I kissed back. Even though I didn't want too, I found that I was enjoying it. The demon pulled back, crawling off me and standing up. "As promised, you're free to go." I got up slowly, a blushing mess. "h, and Y/n," I glanced at him. He smirked, "See you soon." And with that...he disappeared. 

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