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At the moment, I don't have my book of requests, so I'll just do this -3-

This is the Simon from the long update before this. Originally, in the Bodil666 x reader, it was going to be Enderlox, or Dethen. Then I was going to just add in Insane Simon, or whatever. But I wanted a demon like Simon, And that's how 'Headless Simon' was booorn! :3 He needs a better name...If chu have a better name, plz tell me. 

Y/n pov

"Don't go in the woods!" My friends yelled. I stood at the edge of the treeline. "Y/n please! It's suicidal!" I scoffed, "What? The big bad wolf gonna give me a hug?" One grabbed at his hair, "It'll kill you!" "You're the one who told me to do it!" I challenged, crossing my arms. "I was kidding! Don't! You seen the news! There's a thing in there that breaks necks! And rips heads off! They even said it was inhuman! And NOT an animal!" I rolled my eyes, "I'll be fine!" He looked to be almost in tears. "Y/n...please...this sin't safe.." I starred into the woods, "The deal was that if I stay the night in the woods, you would where a dress, AND do anything i want for three months! No way I'm passing that up!" "I'll do it for four months if you don't!" I shook my head, "Nah! I keep my word!" He yanked at his hair, "Please! It WILL KILL YOU!" I rolled my eyes, "Bye, Bodil (I had too :3). I'll see you in the morning!" I spun around and ran into the woods. He screamed for em to come back. I ignored him and ran for fifteen minutes strait. I finally stopped and walked around. It was around 10 at night, and it was pretty cold. I pulled my jacket on -it was tied around my waist-. I pulled out camera. I was photography (Sorry if you don't like it), it would be cool to get pictures for class. I turned on the night vision and looked threw it. I flashed a few pictures of an old tree, a black crow, a baby deer and its father, and random things like that. I looked threw them...but...the last one, caught my eye. It was kinda blurry, and it was far away, but it looked like a person. I starred at where I snapped the picture. Then looked threw the night vision camera. I slowly walked forward, studying the scenery. "Hello?" I called out. Footsteps suddenly ran towards me. I spun around and took the photo on accident. I stumbled backwards. From what I could tell...it didn't have a head. I screamed loudly and spun around, running the way I came. I could only hope that Bodil was still there. The...thing chased me silently threw the woods. "BODIL BODIL!" I screamed, seeing the entrance to the forest. I could see his car! "Y/n!?" He yelled back. "START THE CAR!" I broke into the clearing, tripping over a rock. I slammed to the ground, twisting around to face the monster. It...stopped, right at the edge, then back away. "Y/n!" Bodil hugged me tightly, then pulled me up and into his car. He jumped in, and sped away. "What was that!?" He demanded. I was shaking, "I-I don't know!" "I told you!" He yelled, "I told you it was in there!" I hugged his arm tightly, then remembered, "I got a picture of it!" He starred at me, "You did!?" I pulled out my camera, then flicked threw them. I gasped once I seen it. It....had no head, as I suspected. Blood bubbling out, the bone and flesh visible. It's hand was extended towards the camera. "B-Bodil..." I whispered. he grabbed the camera. His face paled. He dropped it, and said nothing, continuing to drive. We both stayed silent, I starred at the image. "Think I'll get an 'A' in class?" I joked, trying to lighten the mood. He laughed a little, "I bet..." I studied it. "Why did it  stop?" He asked after a moment. "Maybe because it didn't want to leave the forest?" We both went silent. I starred into the seemingly endless woods, they were on both sides. "We-re still in the woods..." I whispered. "We're on the rode though...and in a car. It can't possibly keep u-" "Bodil..." I whispered, starring out the window. "I-it's..." A figure, in the woods, ...was following us. Easily keeping up. "Oh god..." Bodil mumbled, following my gaze. The engine suddenly let out a sputter. "Nonono!" He yelled, "Not now!" "What's wrong!?" I asked. The car jerked slightly. "No!" And rolled to a stop. Everything went silent. I starred at Bodil with a fear filled look. "I think we'll be fi-" A sudden loud thump on my window made us both yelp. I spun around, a bloody hand print was speared  across the glass. "Or not..." He whispered. We both looked around, looking for it...

Bodil screamed as his window was smashed, a bloody hand grabbed his neck. I screamed and pulled him away from it. The thing grabbed the door, and with a loud braking sound, ripped it open. Bodil screamed as he was yanked from the car. "Bodil!" I jumped after them, grabbing his hand. Wee both fell to the ground. Instantly, the creature grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him into the air, choking him. "Stop!" I yelled. I got up and threw myself against it, trying to push it over. It didn't even budge. "L-let him go!" I cried, trying everything. It simply shoved me down. Bodils struggling slowly got weaker. "Please!" I begged. It let out a gurgling noise, and dropped him. Bodil toppled to ground, gasping for air. It turned to me. I stepped back, being less then a foot away. "R-run." Bodil coughed out. I would stay, but if I ran, the creature would chase me...giving Bodil a chance to run. I turned around and took off. The pounding of foot steps told me the headless monster gave chase. I ran faster then I expected I ever could. Fear drove me on. By the sound of it, he was close. I ran for a long time. Being in the woods, I hoped I would somehow lose it. ...But these woods belonged to it....I was in its territory. Just like last time...I tripped. I yelped as I slammed against the ground. Again, like before, I twisted around, however i knew it would be there. he same gurgling noise came from its bleeding neck. I scooted backwards, it followed, slowly walking towards me as I backed up. When my back it a tree, I knew it would all be over. It stopped in front of me, and put it's hand up, almost instantly, a head seemed to form on his hand. He placed it on the stump neck, and laughed loudly. I starred in horror at it. At him. He snapped open his eyes, grinning widely. He starred down at me with bright red eyes. His hair was colored like a watermelon, his skin very pale now that I noticed. "What have we here?" He hissed. I was too terrified to say anything at all. "A trespasser? Tell me, what made you think you could possibly survive coming here? I'm dying to know." I stayed quiet, horrified. I whimpered as he got closer. "Scared?" He said with a giggle. "P-please..d-don't hurt m-me." I whispered, tearing up slightly. The creature knelled down, now inches from my face, "Don't worry, sweetie. I wouldn't dream of hurting you." I didn't believe a word of that. his grin gave it away. "What's your name?" He purred. "Y-Y/n.." I said quietly. "Beautiful." He murmured. I blushed slightly at that. He reached forwards, I flinched. He, very surprisingly, just...felt my hair. He then simply caressed my face. "Beautiful." He repeated. He then grabbed me, making me yelp, then I was placed on his lap. I blushed darker, confused and still scared. "Calm down, sweetie, I wont hurt you." He cooed. I calmed down a little. He held me against his chest, the grin never leaving his face. That, is what scared me. He smirked and starred into my eyes. He suddenly crashed his lips into mine, putting a hand behind my head to keep me from pulling away. After what felt like forever, he finally pulled away. I was panting slightly for air. He looked at the sky, frowning. He then stood up and put me down. "My name's Simon, by the way." He paused, "Come back tonight if you want your friend alive." And with that, I was left alone in the forest. I looked up, seeing the smallest amount of sunlight. I stood up, and ran back to the car. Bodil lay on the ground, passed out. I shook him, "Bodil, Bodil wake up." He ground, "Nooo, five more minutes mum!" I slapped him. He yelped and shot upwards.  "I'M AWAKE! Wait wha- OHMYGOD YOU'RE ALIVE!" He jumped up and hugged me tightly. I hugged back, 'Yeah...and do I have quite a story to tell!"

This was a rushed ending, so sorry if it sucked 3';

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