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I sat in the corner of my cage, wishing the crowd of people would go away. Why am I in a cage with people gathered around me with a man saying how horrible and terrible my kind is using a mega phone? I'm a dragon hybrid, and no..We are not horrible killers with no, we just want to make a living just like any other person. Someone decided to pick up a stick and pock(is that right?) me with it. "Do something. Your so boring." The person wined. I growled and tried to ignore it. He wouldn't stop and I growled, "Stop." He didn't. I snarled and snatched the stick, breaking it in haft. I threw it and wrapped my wings and tail around me. I lifted my left wing up a little and looked at the crowd of people, one person caught my eye. He wore blue pants and a blue shirt, he had brown hair and wore sunglasses. He looked at me sadly, I put my wing back down and waited for the people to leave.

=time skip=

Everyone was gone and it was dark, midnight probably. I heard footsteps and I peeked out from under my wing. The same boy from before was standing beside my cage. He smiled slightly, "Do you want to be free?" "Free? Why would you help a hybrid?" I said flicking the tip of my tail. He didn't say anything, he just took off his sunglasses. He revealed yellow herobrine eyes that glowed in the darkness. A herobrine hybrid? "How will you help me?" He smiled, "Like this." He disappeared and reappeared in front of me. "Wha?" I was confused. He giggled, "I can teloport." He held out his hand, "Come with me. I'll take you away from here." I reached my hand out and pulled it back, 'should I. What if it's a trap?' I grabbed his hand. The world shifted around us. We were in a forest in front of a mansion. I gasped as I fell backwards, the support of the iron bars were no longer there. The hero hybrid grabbed my hand before I touched the ground. He helped me up, "I'm Skybrine, but please just call me Sky." He said with a smile, "I'm (y/n). Thank you for getting me out of there." I said back. "Your welcome." I smiled back at him which turned into a frown, "I'll, um, go now, you wont want an annoying dragon around." I turned to leave but Sky grabbed my hand and I blushed a tad, "Please don't. You don't seem like an annoying dragon to me and I don't think you have a place to stay." He pointed out. I smiled slightly, "Are you sure?" Sky nodded, "So you'll stay?" "Yah. Like you said I don't have a place to stay." His smile grew bigger, "Come on then, let's go inside." He started walking to his house with me following. I realized we were still holding, I blushed and let go of his hand. Sky looked a little disappointed, 'He can't like me, can he?' Sky opened the door for me and I walked in. We sat on the couch, 'Do I like him? He is cute. He did get me out of that cage. I think I do like him. Maybe love?' Sky looked at me and opened his mouth to say something, but shut it. He took a deep breath, "(y/n)?" "Hmm?" I said back, "I..I l-love you." I didn't say anything I just sat in shock. Skybrine sighed, "I understand if you want to leave or i'll go somewhere else." He got up to leave but I grabbed his hand, "I love you to." I said with a smile. Sky smiled back, "Then I can do this~" I was about to question him but he smashed his lips into mine. I blushed and kissed back. He smiled into the kiss. He sadly pulled back, "I wasn't expecting you to love me back." I smiled, "I didn't expect you to kiss me."

I'MA HORRIBLE WITH ENDINGS!!!! Requested by Miserypaindeath

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