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Thank you @Endergame64MC For the CestLox!! Who wants Withercest!?

Deadlox's pov

I broke into a run, Enderlox roared and ran after me. I was walking threw the woods, when he found me! And I ran, I had no way to defend my self from him! "I knew I should have brought my sword!" I mumbled under my breath. I screamed as Enderlox grabbed me and took off into the air. Once he reached over fifty feet in the air, he stopped. He turned me around and grinned. "Well, look at who I caught On MY territory!" My eyes widened, "I-I didn't know th-this was y-your territory! I-I'm sorry. P-please let me go!" He hissed, "Too late. It doesn't matter now, You're mine now." He smirked at the last part. He held me away from him, "What was it you said? 'Let me go'?" My eyes widened. I screamed as I fell to the ground. I covered my face and braced for the impact. I was suddenly yanked into the air. I opened my eyes. Enderlox was carrying me bridal style. I threw my arms around his neck, not wanting to be dropped again. I was shaking from what just happened. He chuckled, "Scared?" I didn't say anything, I just held on tighter and his my face in his neck. "Aw, how cute! Deadlox is terrified of heights!" I flushed in embarrassment. He laughed, "Don't worry, I'll protect You." I blushed even more. He giggled and held me close to him. I looked down and gasped, I hugged him tightly, "P-please p-put me d-down." I whispered into his shoulder. He chuckled again, "I guess I will." He landed. "Ahem." I instantly let go off him, and crashed to the ground. "Ow." I mumbled, sitting up. "Now." I looked up at him, he held his hand up, claws growed from his hands (I don't want to say...fing-NOPE!). I gasped and back up a little, he wasn't actually going too... He grinned and stalked closer to me. I whimpered as my back hit a tree. He smirked and knelled beside me. He dragged his claws against my neck slowly, not drawing blood, but it sure made me scared. He laughed evilly, "It was stupid to believe I wouldn't hurt you." He pressed his claws harder against me neck, drawing blood. He got closer to my neck and swiped his tongue across the wound, licking the blood up. I blushed and looked away. He grinned and bit down, making more blood flow out. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. He chuckled and licked my cheek, "You taste good.~" He gently grabbed my chin and made me face him. By now, tears were falling from my eyes. He smiled and gently licked them away, making me flinch. He slowly pressed his lips on mine, making me jump a little, widening my eyes. He kissed me a little harder, but he was still gently. I kissed back slowly, closing my eyes. He pulled back after a while and I opened my eyes again. He smiled, it was a nice smile, like, a loving one? He pulled me into his lap. He held me against his chest, "I would never hurt you, Ty." "W-why?" I asked with a bit of stutter. "Because I..." He hesitated, "Because I love you, Ty." I smiled a little, "I-I love you too, Enderlox." He kissed me again, I kissed back instantly.

WitherCest anyone?

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