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Y/n pov

I didn't care if Bodil was insane, if he killed people. I fell safe around him. Me and Bodil have been dating for around three months, and even though Bodil could get a little pervy, I never let things get too far. Manly because...this my first time. He didn't know that. We were both sitting on the couch. "Y/n?" He said looking at me. "Hm?" I simply said, looking at the TV. "Why don't you even want to do it?" He asked, bringing me into his lap. I of course blushed and looked down, not answering him. He frowned, "Please tell me." I bit my lip and spoke quickly, "BecauseI'mstillavirgin." He didn't say anything, he simply looked at me in shock. I closed my eyes and waited to be..rejected? I waited for something bad to happen. Instead, he gently lifted my head and kissed me. I kissed back. After a moment, he pulled away, "You're nervous, aren't you?" I nodded slowly, "You're scared I'll hurt you." I nodded again, slower, looking down. He smiled and gently lifted my chin, "I promise, I wont hurt you. I promise I'll be gently. So..what do you say, Y/n?" I shakily sighed, "O-okay..." He grinned and gently kissed me. I kissed back quickly. After a moment, he licked my bottom lip. I opened my mouth, in which he explored. Licking every place he could, claiming every spot as his. He pulled away when we both needed air, a thin string or saliva connected our lips. He tugged on my shirt lightly, "May I?" I nodded and held my arms up, him taking my shirt off. I resisted the erg to cover my self, and in the end I didn't. He took off his own shirt, showing his amazing six pack. I starred at him a little, practically drooling! I finally tore my eyes away from his chest and looked into his red ones. When did he take his glasses off? I'm getting side tracked. He pecked me on the lips and took of my pants. At this point my  whole face is bright red. He took of his pants, revealing a huge bulge in his boxers. Damn...that didn't ease my nerves at all. (I'm watching Bodil c:) He held me in his arma and got up, "Lets take this to the room, yes?~" I nodded slightly. Dayem.........dat sexy voice (ohmergerhd XD who else finds his voice sexy!?). I wrapped my legs around his vice and he carried me to our bedroom. He sat me down on the bed, sitting beside me. Bodil grabbed my hand and looked into me eyes, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I thought about it. Did I? I do. I nodded. He smiled slightly and kissed me again. After more kissing, he -sadly- pulled away. He smiled and took of my bra. Well...he tried. "Damn it! How do you-...." He went silent as I easily unclipped it. I looked down slightly, and this time, I covered my chest. He frowned and gently moved my arms to the side, "Don't hide yourself. You're beautiful." I smiled and looked up at him, saying a small 'thanks'. I put arms down fully. "Wanna skip the foreplay and get to strait to it?~" (I'M LAZY!!!) I nodded, why don't I talk? I dunno...I'm getting side tracked damn it! He kissed me again and slowly took my panties down. I moved my legs in a little, because I was scared this time. Bodil gave me a reassuring smile, "I'll be gentle." I bit my lip and put them down. He got up for a second and knelled beside  the bed, grabbing something under it. He sat back on the bed and I heard a 'pop'. "How long has that been under there?" I asked, referring to the bottle of lube he held. He chuckled and squeezed some on three of his fingers, "A long time"  I rolled my eyes. He pulled me into his lap slightly, "This may...sting a little." He warned. He slid one finger in, I shuddered from the coldness and the unknown feeling. He kissed me gently and slid another in. I whimpered and kissed back. That one hurt. He moved them around and made scissoring motions. When it started to feel good, he added another and stretched my walls more. Once he was done with that he pulled them out and grabbed a hold of my hips, positioning in front of my entrance. I tensed up. "This may......sting...more...a lot." He said, and slowly pushed his tip in. I whimpered and wrapped my arms around his neck, closing my eyes tightly. He pushed in about halfway, and stopped. Tears pricked at my eyes, he was right, it stung a lot. "Tell me when too move." Bodil said gently. After a good three minutes, I nodded. He slowly moved in and out, trying his best to not hurt me. Every time he moved in, a little more would go in me (IF DAT MAKES SENSE!!). I moaned, almost silently; Bodil went a little faster. I bit my lip and tried not to moan, failing. He smirked and went even faster, finding a good pace. "B-Bodil!~" I moaned. He hummed in response. "M-more! Please!~" He smirked and thrusted faster and harder. I moaned louder. He angled his hips and after a few thrusts, he hit my g-spot dead on. Making me moan loudly. He grinned and repeatedly slammed into that spot, thrusting harder and deeper. I screamed in pleasure, shaking from it. He planted a kiss on my lips and licked my bottom lip again, in which I opened my mouth. He explored and slammed into me harder. All the pain was gone, all replaced with searing hot pleasure. I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Bodil pulled away and grunted, "Y-Y/n, I'm close." I nodded slightly, "I-I am t-too." He thrusted one more time and he both cummed. After a second, he pulled out and held me close to his chest. I smiled and hugged him...then something flashed in my mind. "...Bodil...Where's your protection?" He smirked and looked at me, "What protection?~"

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