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Y/n pov

I walked threw the forest, my tail getting snagged in thorns and small sticks. I sighed, "If it weren't for those stupid bullies..." I mumbled, "I wouldn't be lost.." I was chased by a group of bullies, just because I was different. I sighed, ripping my tail or of a large bush of bright red thorns. A loud 'snap' echoed threw the woods, near me. I gasped slightly and spun around, did they find me?! Nothing. Nothing was there...at all. My ears laid back, and I backed up. Maybe it was just an animal...? "Hey there.~" I yelped and stumbled backwards, falling to my knees. I turned around, still on the ground. A man stood there. He had a light blue shirt and darker blue pants. He had brown hair and slight stubble. The most...horrific thing though....was the fact that his eye were pure white...no pupils, and glowed. I screamed and tried running. I manage to stand up, but I was instantly pinned to a tree. "Shhh.~ Lets not too loud.~" He hissed with a grin. My eyes widened as I seen the bloody knife in his hands. My body started shaking, my ears laid back in fear. He grinned and pushed the knife against my chest, "What's a poor puppy doing out here, alone?" He chuckled darkly. I whimpered as he pushed harder. The skin almost broke. Tears weld up in my eyes, "N-no, st-stop!" He smirked, "Answer the question!" He pushed even harder, the tip slightly digging in. "I-I was b-being chased b-by bullies, a-and I got l-lost!" I said quickly. He stopped moving it, "Name?" "Y-Y/n." He smiled, not a nice one, "Huh, perfect for a lil pup." I couldn't stop the small growl. He rolled his eyes and hissed sarcastically, "I don't have a knife or anything!" I stopped, my tail tucking between my legs. He pulled the knife away, sliding it against mt cheek. I whimpered, a few tears falling. He drew blood, blood that slipped down my face. A long black tongue slithered out from his mouth, licking up the spilled blood. I whimpered again and winced in pain. He grabbed both of my shoulders, and suddenly, we were both in a dark bedroom. I gasped and fell backwards onto a bed. The inhuman man on top of me. Fear pulsed threw me. The horrific grin plastered on his sick face, "I'll give you a deal! You could either, hm, die horribly." I whimpered and flinched at that, "Or, you can stay here, and be all mine.~" My eyes widened, both sounded horrible! "Choose!" He snarled. I closed my eyes tightly and whispered, "y-you." He smirked, "Good choice." He slammed his lips against mine, instantly shoving his weird tongue in. I shut my eyes tightly and didn't move. I basically submitted to him. After he had his fun with that he pulled away, licking his lips. In a flash, he ripped my shirt off. "N-no! Pl-please, don't do th-this!" I begged, crying hard at this point. He growled lowly, but stopped. "Fine. This ONE time, I'll stop." I calmed down a little. Only a little. "Lay down." He commanded. I did, instantly, not wanting him to harm me. He laid beside me and pulled me into his chest. I blushed darkly. "Sleep." I closed my eyes and tried sleeping, but I was honestly terrified. He sighed slightly, and gently touched my ear. "It's alright." he said quietly, gently petting me. I calmed down a little more. "Sleep." He repeated, a little calmer this time. I closed my eyes again, and after a few seconds...I was asleep. Maybe, just maybe, he would be nice....and this may not be so bad..?

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