Skylox -SMUT-

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Ty's pov 

"It's so hoooooot!!" I wined, sitting upside down on the couch. "LETS GO TO THE BEACH!!" Sky screamed...into my ear. I screamed, he screamed, it was awkward. We both went silent, then erupted into laughter. After we calmed down, Sky got up, "Lez get ready!" And took off to his room. I got up, almost fell from being dizzy, and ran too my room. Me and Sky shared a house. Once we were both in our swim trunks, we drove to the beach. It was fairly close. "Hey, it's almost empty!" Only a few people remained. We both grinned and ran into the water, well, I starred on the shore, with my feet in the water, wile Sky couldn't touch the ground. "Come on!" He yelled. "I'm good!" I yelled back, looking at the dark water. I starred at it for a while, thinking. I was thinking about Sky. I liked him...I...loved him. I thoughts were interrupted as I was thrown over someones shoulder. "S-Sky! Put me down!" He responded with a 'nah' and threw me in the water. I yelped at how cold it was. It was freezing! Sky started laughing. I growled and got up, he stopped. "Uh oh." He mumbled. I smirked and jumped at him. He screamed and fell backwards. 

-Three hours later-

We decided to leave, since it was getting dark. I was covered in sand. We both were. and as soon as Sky opened the door, I screamed, "I'm taking a shower!!" And took off for the bathroom. I shut the door. I turned on the water, getting it at the right temperature, and turned the shower on. I pulled my swim suit down and jumped in. I sighed blissfully and washed the sand up. I froze as I heard the door open. I shook my head slightly, it didn't open..I locked the door...right? I grabbed the shampoo and yelped as arms wrapped around me. I dropped the bottle and looked over my shoulder. "Sk-Sky!? What th-the hell a-are you doing!?" He smiled, "Taking a shower.~" I realized...we were both completely naked...he was my crush...and he was hugging me. I struggled to get out of his grasp. One I was finally free, I crossed my arms and glared at him, not completely turning around. I resisted the erg too look down. "What?" He asked. I opened my mouth to yell at him. But he grabbed my shoulders, spun me around, and got really close to my face, making me blush a dark red, "I just want a" I blushed harder and tried to talk. Immediately being cut off as he slammed him lips against mine. My eyes widened, he was kissing me!? I hesitantly kissed back. Sky smiled into the kiss and licked my bottom lip. I slowly opened my mouth slightly. This can't be happening! I must be dreaming! He slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored, occasionally rubbing against my tongue. I moaned quietly. He pulled away after a moment, a thin string of saliva connecting our lips. He smirked and whispered in my ear, "I know that you like me Ty~, and honestly..~" He licked the shell of my ear, "I like you too.~" I shivered as I felt his warm breath on my neck. He licked me slowly, biting down. He bit around my neck, and then he hit one spot that made me gasp and moan. He chuckled and sucked slowly on that spot. "Ahh~ S-Sky.~" I moaned out. He suddenly pinned me t the wall, grinding lightly on me. He sucked on my neck harder, once he made sure a make would form. He looked into my eyes, "I wanna make you mine, if your okay with it." I thought about. I definitely did want it..but..I was scared. "I...I d-do. But...ple-ease be nice. I-I'm...still a..." He nodded, "I'll be gentle, Ty." I smiled, "Th-thank you." He nodded and glanced down, smirking. He gt on his knees and looked up at me. I gasped as I felt his tongue run along my member. He slowly took the tip in my mouth. He slowly took more in, bobbing his head. In a matter of seconds, I was hard. He took my whole member in his mouth and started to deep throat me. I tangled my hands in his wet hair and tugged slightly. I involuntarily busked my hips forward, I moaned loudly and threw my head back. After a while, I moaned loudly and gripped his hair hard, "Sk-Sky!~ I-I'm.." He hummed again and bobbed faster. I moaned loudly and came. He swallowed it all. I yelped as I was suddenly flipped and pushed against the wall again. He snickered, "Time for the real fun.~" I shuddered as I felt a finger press against my entrance. I bit my lip as it slid in, the water acting as lube. He kissed my cheek, "This might hurt a little." He warned, and another went in. I bit my lip, it did hurt a little bit. He made scissoring motions and pumped them in and out slowly. I moaned quietly, feeling a third, hopefully last, move beside the rest. He repeated what he did before. When he thought I was prepped enough, he turned me around and wrapped my legs around his chest, my arms around his neck. he grabbed my lips and kissed me, slowly thrusting in. I whimpered and closed my eyes, tearing up slightly. Once he was half way in, he stopped. "Tell me when I can go." He told me. After a good seven minutes, I told him to go. He slowly pulled out and moved back in. It didn't hurt as bad, but it still stung. I bit my lip, a single tear falling. He kissed me again, I kissed back, trying to ignore the pain. me moved a little faster, moving more in. (HALF OF THIS FUCKER DELETED!) 
I whimpered and grabbed his shoulders. He moved a little more in. After a while of that, I moaned quietly. Sky smiled and thrusted faster. I moaned again. Sky thrusted harder and deeper. He went faster, and faster. Soon, he was slamming into me. The sound of skin slapping against each other, sweat and water running down our was...erotic. I moaned loudly, gasping in pleasure. Then..he slammed into one spot that made me scream out his name. He chuckled, "Found it.~" He angled his thrusts to slam into that spot each time. Each time he hit it, I screamed loudly. My eyes shut, mouth open. He thrusted faster...harder. I screamed louder. I felt my second orgasm coming close. "S-sk-SKY! I'M G-GON-" He cut me off with a seductive whisper, "Cum for me, Ty.~" That sent me over the edge, I screamed one more time and came. White splattered over our stomachs, and I went limp. Sky slammed into me one more time, and came. Filling me too the brim. He pulled out, both of us panting. We helped me wash off, dry off, and get too the bed. We were both still naked.He pulled the covers over up and held me close. I smiled softly and cuddled against him. I was almost asleep....then.."M-my ass hurts."

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