TrueMU x reader x WitherMU

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Y/n pov

I sat beside me boyfriend, Jason. We both sat on a fallen tree in the woods, under the moonlight. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too."I whispered back. I was against his chest, him holding me. "What time is it?" He asked. I checked my phone, "11:55? Why?" We've been out here in the dark for a while. He gasped and stood up, knocking me over in the process. "I-I need to go!" He spun around and ran threw thew the woods. "Jason! Wait!" I ran after him. I managed to stay close to him as he ran, yelling for me to stay back. He suddenly stopped, making me slam into his back. He barely moved as I fell to the floor. "J-Jason. W-shy did yo-" "My name isn't Jason." He hissed, his voice darker. He looked over his shoulder, his eyes now pure white. I inched backwards, watching as he...changed. His arms turned to a dark grey, traveling upwards. Two helmet like objects with wigs appeared by his head. He slowly turned around. A wide grin was plastered on his features, his eyes glowing. I scooted backwards as he advanced. "Aw, what's wrong Y/n, are you scared?" They way he said my name made the hair on my neck stand on end. "W...wh-hat ar-re you?" I whispered. He giggled, "I'm Jason's 'Other Side', WitherMU." He knelled down in front of me, "How did that poor excuse for a human get such a beautiful girl?" I blushed darkly at that. He chuckled and in one swift motion...I was in his arms. He held me bridal style, our faces inches apart. I blushed even darker. WitherMU giggled, "You're beautiful." Before I could say anything, he slammed his lips against mine. My eyes widened. Even though I didn't want to...i found myself kissing back.
This doesn't count as cheating, does it?

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