Insane Withermu x Insane!Neko!reader

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Y/n pov

I smiled insanely and looked at the mess in front of me, My tail flicked happily. Two dead bodies that had severed heads and the limbs were cut off lay in front of me. "Wow! Did you do this." My ears turned to the sound and I glanced behind me. A, very bloody, wither hybrid was flouting there. He landed beside me and shifted into a more human like form, with two little helmets with bat wings flying on either side. "Yup!" I said proudly. "So your a neko?" He pointed at my ears. "Yup!" I said again. "Oh. So will you purr if I do this?" He began to pet my hair and I couldn't help but let out a happy purr. He giggled, "Yep!"He held out his hand, "Hi i'm Withermu." I shook his hand, "Y/n. Nice to meet you!" I said happily. Withermu giggled, "Nice to meet you to! Wanna go and kill something?" He held out his hand. I grinned, "I would love to." And I took his hand. 

Sorry it's short i'm trying to do all the stories I can to night :/
Requested by boredmusic597

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