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Enderlox x Male!reader -SMUT-

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This is NOT a part two of the last one my friend wanted me too make an x Male!reader smut, she didn't care who it was going to be with...so I chose Enderlox XD By the way...she likes rape...therefore....this is rape...

Y/n pov -short-

Great. I'm lost. How do I manage to get lost...in the woods...at 12:00 at night? I sighed and pulled my F/c jacket around me tighter, "Wh-why is it s-so cold?" I mumbled. Maybe I'll die of hypothermia. (I'm freezing :c...maybe it's because I don't have pants on....) I sighed and kept walking.

Enderlox's pov -also short-

I watched the boy with a smirk. He looked weak, easy prey. I moved closer to where he was, causing the branch I was on too shake a little, making a rustling sound. The boy looked up, looking terrified. I grinned and his eyes landed on me. He stepped back a little, his eyes wide with fear. He spun around suddenly and broke into a run. I roared loudly and shot after him, flying above the ground. 

Y/n pov

I screamed as the creature grabbed me, flying into the air. I tried to pry its claws off of me. He stopped suddenly. "I wouldn't do that if I was you." He hissed. I ignored him and kept trying to get away. "Okay!" He suddenly let me go. I screamed as I fell threw the air. I didn't think that threw. I closed my eyes, thinking about how my life could end like this. I yelped as I was grabbed, just before I hit the ground. The creature laughed evilly and dropped me. (You're only like...three feet of the ground) I slammed against it, I flinched in pain. I got up, stumbling slightly in m daze. I looked around, thinking the creature was gone. Boy...was I wrong. I screamed as I was roughly shoved against the ground, pinned by something bigger then me. I looked into the blazing purple eyes of the creature, getting my first good look at it. It was male, maybe a few years older then me. he was a hybrid, an Ender dragon hybrid. Oh god..that's never good. He wore white V neck with a black border, grey pants, black shoes with purple laces, and black headphones with glowing purple centers to top it all off. He had brown hair that covered his left eye. He had large black and purple wings with a matching tail, he had bright, glowing, purple dragon eyes, closed to slits as he glared down at him. His mouth was curved into a horrid smirk, showing sharp canines. I flinched a little and desperately tried to push him off, terrified. He growled, "Stop moving." I instantly stopped, scared of what he would do if I didn't. He hissed, a long black, forked tongue slithered out, flicking it across my cheek. I whimpered and moved my face away from him. "What's your name?" He growled, gliding his tongue across my cheek again. I bit my lip, "Y-Y/n." He smirked, "It suits you.~ I'm Enderlox.~" The way Enderlox's voice changed scared me a little and his eyes changed to a darker purple. I gasped as his tongue suddenly slid across my neck. I tried pushing him off again, he growled and put more wait on me, making sure I couldn't run. I yelped as he roughly bit my neck, drawing a bit of blood. Enderlox snickered and licked it up roughly, making me whimper. I struggled again, scared of what was going to happen to me. He growled again. I stopped, a small idea passing my mind. I went completely limp, making Enderlox's grip loosen. I took my chance to kick him between the legs making him yelp in pain. I shoved him off and scrambled up, running away from him as fast as my legs could handle. I heard a loud snarl and wing beats chasing after me. I screamed as I was jerked backwards. I was slammed against a tree and felt the hot breath of Enderlox on my neck, I squeezed my eyes shut, tearing up slightly. "Yeh know...I was gonna be gently..but you have been so..bad..I changed my mind.~" He snickered and licked a tear away that managed to slip down. I knew what was going to happen...I knew what he was doing. I pushed lightly on his chest, more tears falling. I whimpered as he shoved his hand up my shirt, he smirked and ripped it off, literally ripped it off with his claws. I swallowed hard as he bared his sharp teeth against my neck, he bit down roughly again, making me squeak and try to push him off. He bit around my neck, and then...he bit one spot that made me moan, I blushed badly at what the sound I made. Enderlox chuckled and bit that spot again, I struggled to hols down a moan..he bit and sucked at my neck, managing to get a few noises out of me, and he pulled off once a mark was there. He put his hand on my chest and roughly kissed me. I, of course, didn't kiss back, I tried to move away. He grabbed the back of my head with his other hand and held me in place. He licked my bottom lip, I clamped my mouth shut, refusing to open it. He growled and trailed his hand downwards. Enderlox moved both his hands behind me and roughly grabbed my ass, making he squeak and jump forward, not only opening my mouth..I accidentally grinded against him. (Good job Y/n *claps slowly*) He chuckled and his tongue shot into my mouth, instantly exploring. I moaned quietly, blushing badly. He smirked and grinded lightly against me, pulling away, "Enjoying this?~" He tilted his head to the side. I bit my lip and looked away from him. Was I? No, I couldn't possibly be enjoying this. He licked the shell of my ear and whispered, "I'm gonna make you scream my name.~" I blushed heavily and looked down. He placed his hand on my stomach and dragged it downwards again, this time, stopping at my pants. I bit my lip and moved slightly. He smirked and yanked them down, I rested the erg to kick him in the face. That would only make things worse. He took his own shirt and pants off. I starred at the bulge in his boxers. That..wont..fit. "Like what you see?~" I blushed even darker, if possible, and quickly looked away. "So, Y/n." He said, stroking my cheek, "Tell me, are  you still a virgin?~" My whole face turned red and I didn't look up, saying nothing. He chuckled, "Perfect.~" And with that, he ripped my boxers off, along with his. I gasped and tried to get away again. I didn't want to lose myself to this thing! He wrapped his tail tightly around me and slammed me on the floor, on my hands and knees. I screamed as he roughly shoved his whole entire length into me. I cried as my walls tore to fit him inside me (oh god...ouch). He smirked and started thrusting hard into me, making me cry out in pain. "Pl-ple-ease Ahh! s-sto-op!" I begged. He simply went faster and harder.  It hurt...it hurt badly. He angled his hips and searched for my prostate. I screamed louder when he found it. He smirked and thrusted hard, abusing that spot. More tears spilled from my eyes. He grinned and grabbed my hips roughly, wrapping his tail tightly around my body, and he thrusted harder and faster. 

Enderlox's pov (Trying a new pov for le smut c:)

I smirked and pounded roughly into my new toy. No way I was gonna let this one escape me. He cried out for me to stop, begging me. "Not happening.~" I hissed in his ear, thrusting deeper into him. I loved making him scream. He grabbed the grass under him and grinded his teeth together. I loved how tight he was..the way his walls squeezed tightly around my cock. It made me want to cum right there, but I wanted to have my fun, so I didn't. Grinning, I went faster, trying to cause as much pain as possible. That way, if he tries to run, he wont get far. I reached below him and roughly grabbed his member, making him gasp. I quickly jerked him off in time with my thrusts. After a few moments of that, he cried out and came. I moaned as his walls clamped down on me. I grabbed his hips again and thrusted hard into his over sensitive body. I thrusted a few more times and came deep into his body. I slowly stopped, riding out my orgasm. I pulled out, making him whimper a little in pain. I watched cum and a bit of blood, drip down his leg. He was panting heavily and his legs suddenly gave out, I caught him before he hit the floor. His eyes were closed and was shaking. How cute. I snapped my fingers and we were both dressed (Cause I didn't want to write about the getting dressed in shit..). I held him bridal style, his small form clinging onto me. I spread my wings and took off into the air. Taking my new pet home.

HOLY SHEET DAT TOOK A LONG TIME! Annnnyyywwwaays, I hope you liked dis Ender (I forgot your wattpad name :c, I could just ask you....BUT THAT TAKES TO MUCH WORK) BAI GUYS!!!
I do good c:

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