Skycest e3e

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The next incest will be...Tycest? Deadloxcest? I DON"T KNOW!

Skys pov

I walked threw the woods. The best thing -note my sarcasm- was that it was dark, very dark, and fogy, very fogy. I looked around, fiddling with my amulet. I was lost. That was the reason I was in the dark foggy woods. I walked faster, I felt eyes on me. It was unsettling. I was suddenly pushed down. I yelped and looked up. "Well, well, well. Look who we have here. The Great SkyDoesMinecraft, Leader of the Skyarmy." Oh no. Nononono! "Skybrine." I whispered. He laughed, his glowing pure budder eyes looking into my own, also the glories budder color. I stood up and tried to ignore the fear. "I suggest you leave, or I-I'll-" He cut me off, "You'll what? You may have forgotten-" I screamed and fell to my knees, searing pain running threw my body. "-I'm stronger then you." He stopped. Fear kept me on my knees. He knew I was scared. "Now, why are you here?" He walked around me, "Lost?" He titlted his head to the side, smiling evilly. "N-no!" I hope the stutter doesn't give me away! "You are lost! Wonderful! The Great Leader is lost in the dark woods, alone, with me." I didn't like the sound off that. He grinned, "Sleep." My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I collapsed, blacking out. I woke up slowly. I rolled over, was I in a bed? I must have dreamed the whole problem. I opened one eye a little. Wait. This wasn't my bed. I sat up quickly and looked around. This wasn't my room! I tried t get up, but someone jumped on me, pinning me down. "Where do you think you're going?~" I looked up at Skybrine. He was less then a centimeter from my face, causing me to blush. He chuckled and sat on my lap, making me blush more. "P-please get off me." I asked quietly. He smirked, "And what if I don't want too? What if I'm...comfortable?" He shifted his hips a little. I gasped and bit my lip. (0-0') "P-please s-stop.." I told him. "But I don't want too." He said, fake pouting. He shifted his hips again, smiling evilly. I whimpered and tried to stay quiet. Wasn't he supposed to be killing me. Not...grinding on me! He chuckled as I squeezed my eyes shut, "Look at me, Adam." I flinched when he said my name. "Look at me."

Stopping it here! I'm doing a part two with smut....Fuck you Ender

I did say this book will not have smut. This is for the 100 followers......this is late 0-0 PLEASE DON"T HATE ME FOR DOING THIS!

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