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Phantom Seto x Neko!reader

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Y/n pov

I was lost. I was lost in the dark woods. It was Dark. And to top it all off; I had a 

large gash on my shoulder. It was bleeding heavily, I was dizzy from the amount of blood I lost. My ears flicked around, searching for signs if help. I had tears streaming down my face, my body shaking. I heard a twig snap behind me. I spun around, almost falling, and looked for what made that noise. I saw a shadow run past me. I freaked out, thinking this thing would hurt me. And ran away from it. I was stumbling as I blindly ran threw the woods, tripping, but managing to stay on my feet. My foot got caught under a tree root, and I feel. Before I could do anything, I slammed my head against a rock...hard. I cried out in pain, feeling blood flow out of the wound. I weakly tried getting back up, falling back down, almost hitting the rock again. I heard something running towards me. I tried harder, falling back down. finally...I collapsed onto my side, my vision fading. I saw someth-...someone...stop in front of me, whoever was there, gently picked me up, then....everything went dark.

I woke up, quickly sitting up. I instantly regretted it, rain shooting threw my shoulder and head. I feel back down onto the bed. I was in a dark room, barley lit by the moonlight  streaming in from the window. I looked around, the place looked old and dusty. I looked at my shoulder, it was covered in gauze I felt my head, gauze there too.  I sat up again, slowly this time.Then...the door creaked open. I gasped slightly and turned to the door. Someone walked in. He had brown hair, and his eye was a light grey, the other was pure wight and glowed slightly. He had pale skin, and wore a cloak with shades of grey (FIFTY SHADES OF SETO!!!!) and wight.  I starred at him uneasily....this...wasn't normal. His hands and feet faded away slightly. "Oh, you're awake." He said with a smile. I just starred at him, he was both compelling and mysterious. He walked in, shutting the door behind him. I scooted back slightly when he got close to the bed, my tail poofing up slightly. "I wont hurt you." I hissed in reply, my ears laying flat. He sighed, "If I was gonna hurt you. Would I have helped you? Keep you alive?" I thought for a second and calmed down, "I-I guess not.." He sat beside me, "How do you feel?" "Fine..I guess. It stings a little. Other then that I'm fine."  He...was...familiar. I had a small blush for some reason and looked down, trying to hide it. He chuckled, "You look cute when you blush." I just blushed harder. He tilted my head up slightly, and smiled. Then...the whole thing changed. It was like a flash. His skin was slightly darker, his eyes were a brown, and his cloths were purple. Then it went back to normal. ....Then...it hit me...
Seto Sorcerer.
My....My old friend. He disappeared about a year ago, they presumed he was dead, and never found a body. I gasped, "S-Seto?!" He nodded slightly, "How do you...Wait...Y/n?" I nodded, tearing up, and I threw my arms around him. "Wh-where have you been!?" I cried. He frowned, "I-I  was in an accident, I-I left after that. Afraid you wouldn't accept me like this. I started crying, "I would! I've missed you!!" He finally hugged me back, "I...missed you too....a lot" I looked up at him, he wiped my tears away, "I missed you...so much." He pulled me onto his lap and hugged me tightly. I, of course, hugged back, slightly blushing. "Y/n?" Can I tell you something?" He asked, once I managed to stop crying. I nodded, looking into his eyes. "I....lo...I love you...a lot." He said, looking into mine. I smiled slightly, "Y-you do?" H e nodded. "I-I love you too, Seto." He smiled and said, "You don't know how long I wanted to do this. I was confused, until I felt soft lips against mine. My eyes widened slightly, and I realized he was kissing me. I kissed back, closing my eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist, I wrapped mine around his neck, deepening the kiss. I sadly pulled away when the lack of air became to much. He smiled and hugged me, "I love...I love you so much, Y/n."


Requested bye: ColorSorceress
She's writing a youtubers x reader, go read tat :3 there's a part with me and a friend shipped together XD

She's a really good writer!

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