DerpSsundee x Cross Eyed!reader

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So...I lost my 'Lil Bookie' aka the book with ALL my request in it. ...Oops.
I hope this request is right ;-;
And I'm just guessing that le reader is like Derp Ssundee, I hope that's right XD

Y/n pov

(I don't know how I'm going to do this..) I was once again being bullied for my crossed eyes. "I had to dump a crossed eyed chick! I felt she was seeing someone else!" Some random jerk yelled. "I also had to! We weren't seeing eye to eye!" Another shouted. This is what I have to deal with everyday. "You should date the new boy!" New boy? "Yeah! He's a weird eyed freak like her!" Someone pushed me towards a certain area. "Go on!" He said, "Go make out!" I looked towards the way he was talking, seeing a boy my age sitting alone a little ways away. "Hey!" An adult yelled, "Leave her alone!" The adult scolded all the kids and made them leave. Finally. I walked over to where the boy was. He was sitting with his back to me. From what I could tell, he was wearing a black long sleeved shirt over a blue one. With matching shoes and pants. "Hello?" I asked. He looked over his shoulder slightly, his eyes were a really pretty blue. The boy smiled, "hi." I smiled back, "Could I sit beside you?" He nodded. "My name's Y/n." I told him. "My name's Ssundee, nice to meet you!" "Nice to meet you too, Ssundee!" We talked for a while, learning about each other. Turns out he had a twin brother who's named Ian. I thought that was cool. The school bell rung, signalling that hour 'Free period' or whatever was dismissed. I smiled, "Wanna talk more at lunch?" He nodded. We, sadly walked our separate ways. I smiled even more, I made a friend today!

I hate writers block. Hopefully this is somewhat exceptable ;-;
Requested by Vixenthecat -Hope that's right-

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