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Today's my birthday, so I felt a b-day special as needed. Enjoy this special one! 
(I do not claim ownership in the art provided in any way, this serves as visual preference only.)
(Spoilers ahead!) Based on Undertale, of course. For this,  Alphys created you, you aren't a ghost.

Y/n pov

It was my day of birth, as Alphys called it. Or was I couldn't remember, only that it was a celebration for when people were created. Like me. I was created exactly a year ago. And even then, I was confused on these 'customs'. It startled me on some levels, like how in a winter month...they worshiped a fat man, he in return would bare gifts. -I remembered this well because the Sans-unit poked my 'stomach' with a sharp red and white object, I screamed, and Alphys slapped him. He just laughed-. So now, Alphys was dragging me somewhere fun. She had to explain what fun meant, for my memory was  quite low. She called me a phone sometimes, with such little memory space, or...gigabytes? The yellow skinned monster happily dragged me up to this rather large building. On the wall, I noticed, was this bright poster. It showed a pale robot looking male. He had glittery black hair, and wore a strange looking outfit. No, I realized, that was part of his base. The poster disappeared as she dragged me inside. My eyes  redirected towards the crowd filled with different monster. Up front I could see your family unit. 'Friends' I corrected myself, my friends unit. "Th-this'll be so fun!" Alphys said, adjusting her glasses. She dragged me to the very front, just in front of a spot where the ground raised. She sat down beside the 'Undyne', setting me beside herself. 'She's always near her', I thought, looking to my left to see the...human? Was that it? Fresk, was that their name? Frask? Frisk? Yes, it was Frisk. Anyways, Frisk was bouncing slightly, grinning up at the raised part of the ground. "What is this?" I asked, my voice box glitching slightly, sounding distant in a way. "Oh!" They gasped, "This is your first time here! I forgot! We get to see Me-" They were quickly silenced by the Sans-unit, he said, "Haha, shut your mouth kid!" Frisk giggled, and continued to speak, "Happy Birthday, by the way!" "I still d-don't understand what a 'Birt-dah' is." Frisk giggled again, opening their mouth to explain, when suddenly the lights shut off. Alphys grabbed my hand, even in the dark, I could see her grinning. Bright colored lights suddenly exploded on the raised area, a dark figure appearing. I watched in wonder, seeing the creature walk closer, and suddenly, I could see them. It was the 'boy' from the poster. With his white body, and his black eyes that were half lidded. His hair covered one, glitter still adoring it. He had long slender legs, making him seem very tall. His chest piece was a bright pink color, and was decorated with dials and buttons, it had shoulder pad like things raising in the air slightly. He wore what was made to look like black tights, and pink heeled boots reaching his knees. A see though heart was on his stomach area, also a bright pink color. He held a object with a rounded tip, then he spoke into it, his voice seemingly coming from everywhere. "Oh, hellooo," He greeted, "Tonight's a special, night! We have a special guest!" I was completely oblivious to what he meant, especially when he jumped off the platform, strutting over to me. He gently grabbed my hand, and something clicked in my system. I remembered something Alphys did.   
"Th-this'll help you feel human emotions!" She had said, putting a micro chip inside me. 'What is this'? I thought as  he pulled me onto the raised ground. He gave me an introduction, providing my name and how it was my bertdeth. Bertdeth? That didn't sound right. "Now, Deary, we shall conduct a  play!" He said with a smirk, turning to me. I felt...flustered, my servos sparking up. He grabbed both of my hands, "Improv!" I didn't know what this was, of course, so I blankly looked at him. He did a trick, spinning me in his arms, and leaning me back, an arm around my back. His face was very close, making a red hue -I didn't know I had- glow on my cheeks. "You are a beautiful princess in danger, and I am your knight in shining armor." He certainly was shiny, and sparkly. He straitened me, and suddenly, two greater dogs ran onto the stage. They stood upright, with broad bodies in armor. Their tongues lolled from their mouths. they both grabbed my arms, pretending to attack me. I, being the strange unit I was, petted it. The robot gasped dramatically, "Oh nooo! Don't pet the dogs!" It was too late, the dogs head was expanding, and I continued to pet it, until I could no longer reach it's head. I stopped, giggling, something I never did, but it kept going. The robot male freaked out. I, meanwhile, started petting the other. It seemed I had a problem. Soon, they dogs head, was too, out of reach. But wait! The others had turned back around, and I could reach it. The crowd roared with laughter. "STOP IT!" He shrieked, his hands against his head. There was no stopping now, though, the dogs head began to go into the ground, destroying physics. The other's head came back down, and the same thing happened. Soon, a few people ran on stage, gathered the necks, and the dogs, and left. The boy glared at me slightly, his eyes wide, he pointed at me, "YOU- are really cute." The audience roared again. The man gasped, "I-I mean.." He was a red mess, do was I, for some reason. I felt embarrassed? I glanced at me creator, Alphys just gave a a thumbs up -A popular form of 'U doin gud grl'-, and nodded. I turned back to the boy, and suddenly, his arm fell off. I stepped back, my eyes widening slightly. "T-Tis but a flesh wound!" He bellowed, grabbing it with his other...which fell off. I could distantly here Alphys curse, "This happens all the time!" "That's fine!" He yelled, trying to play it cool, "As long as I-I have my legs!" His left leg popped off  as well, and he toppled over. The  curtains closed quickly. A monster that looked like a bug dragged him away, another grabbing his parts. Curious, I followed. All these strange emotions were so....strange! They were making me do weird things! Nonetheless, I followed. He was set down on a pink chair in front of a black mirror. Seeing me, he sighed, "This alwaaays happens! I'm..soorry.." I smiled slightly, standing beside him, speaking for the first time, "It's alright." The bug snapped his arms back in place. He smiled, "May I have the Princesses name?" I smiled, "Y/n." That was what Alphys named me, she originally wanted 'Nekotun', but I didn't agree to that, so Y/n it was. He grabbed my hand again, gently pressing his lips against it, "My name's Mettatan, pleasure to meet you." I blushed again, "N-nice to meet you, too." I didn't really know what the saying meant, only that that's how to reply. Alphys 'fangirled', as she put it, in the background. "You did good." Sans-unit laughed. "I did!" The monster girl sated proudly, staring at the new friendship, "I did real good."

I didn't really know how to do this, so I tried my best! There's probably a lot of erores and stuff, but oh well! Hope you enjoyed it!

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