MirrorLox x Bodil666

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This is an interesting request. I like it :3

MirrorLox's pov

I growled and looked around the stupid forest. I came out of the MirrorRelm a while ago, and I was lost. "How big are these woods!?" I hissed. "Huge!" I voice snickered from somewhere. I looked around, "Who's there!? Show yourself!" Someone suddenly grabbed my wrist jerking it forwards, almost making me fall. I looked up as someone examined it. "Huh! That's wired! You're not human!" I jerked my arm away from him with a glare. He had black hair, and black eyes with red pupils, and his slightly torn suit was covered in blood. "You don't look human either." I snarled. "Nope! I'm a demon or something! What are you?" He had a huge grin that showed sharp canines. "I'm a Mirror." I growled. "Cool. I'm Bodil!" He stuck his hand out. I hesitantly shook it, "MirrorLox." He let go of my hand, "So, what are you doing out of the Mirror World?" I rolled my eyes, "Realm." I corrected, "And I just wanted to give the OverWorld a visit. It gets boring there." He nodded slightly. "Well..You lost?" He asked. "N-no." Damn stutter... "Yeah...you're lost. Come on, it'll get dark here, and I don't think Jerome would like you in his woods, I had to sneak past him to get here! I'll take you too my place." He started walking away. "Okay?" I mumbled, following him. After around ten or twenty minutes of walking, we arrived at a decent sized house. He opened the door and walked in. I followed, shutting the door. "Make yourself at home!" I smiled slightly and sat on the couch, no one was ever...really..nice too me. Bodil sat beside me, and, stared at me... I shifted uncomfortably, I hated being starred at. " You're kinda cute." Me mumbled/whispered. I blushed, "Wh-what?" His face turned red, "O-oops...d-didn't mean to say th-that out l-loud..."  I smirked slightly, "You're kinda cute, too." I wasn't lying. He grinned. I suddenly felt a pair of lips crash into my own. I blushed a little, and I kissed back. He smiled slightly and wrapped his arms around my waist, I wrapped mine around his neck. He pulled away after a second, "You know...there's only..one bed." I smiled again, "Fine by me."

I will not write a part two, smut, for this. Sorry

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