H20 Delirious x reader

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*sigh* I have been dreading the day I'de have to write this. I have absolutely no idea who this guy is ;-;. I'me sorry if it sucks. Again, NO IDEA WHO DIS IZ!!

y/n pov

I glanced around uneasily around the streets. I was midnight, the best time to walk home in the city's. I glanced down an ally and froze. Someone wearing a hockey mask, holding a knife I might add, was standing over a bloody body. His head snapped up at me, I gasped and started running. I could here him running after me. I looked around for a way out, there was an ally that was dark....LETS STUPIDLY RUN DOWN IT!!!! It looked like it could be a short cut. It had a turning point, which lead to a brick wall. I gasped and turned around. The man was blocking my way. He walked forwards slowly and twirled a knife in his hand. I gasped and pressed against the wall. He chuckled, "What's a girl like you doing out here alone?" He pinned me to the wall and pressed the knife against my neck. "What's your name sweetheart?" He asked. I replied with a stutter, "Y-Y/n." I could tell he was smiling under his mask, "I'm H20 Delirious.(I DON NA IZ NIM!!) Your kinda cute, I might just keep you alive." I felt a little hopeful. He removed his mask, 'He is kinda cute I guess.' He had short brown hair and blue eyes. He smirked and pressed his lips against mine. My eyes widened in surprise. I hesitated but kissed back. He pulled away with a smirk. He let me go, "See ya around, Y/n." He said walking away. I touched my lips, 'Did that actually just happen?' 

Requested by *Grabs notepad* NekoEvieWritesCrap I HOPE I DID OKAY!

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