Insane Jinbop x reader

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Pfffft, can someone draw me going insane over jinbop? XD That would make a day, no, year X3

Y/n pov

I groaned as the power in my house shut off. "Stupid storm!" It was storming badly, rain pelting against the glass. With a sigh, I stumbled my way threw the darkness, searching for a flash light. While searching threw table drawers, I heard a noise. It almost seemed like a faint laugh. Freezing, I listened for anything else. When I found nothing, I assumed it was just the rain, or my imagination changing a certain noise. When a glass shattered, that's when I freaked out. I dug threw the drawers, throwing things out to find the object I desperately needed. Footsteps sounded towards me, slowly. I gasped, finally finding the flashlight. Flicking it on, I shined it towards the noise. Just in time to see a figure jump to the side, out of the light. I shined it around, trying to find who, or what ever was in my house. I found nothing. Lowering it, I wondered if it was my imagination. I turned around, the thought instantly vanished, dropping the light. A man stood there, towering over me. I screamed, trying to run away, but he instantly grabbed my arm, pulling me close. I looked up into red eyes, terror overcoming me. I struggled, and as soon as I did, he slammed me against the wall, pressing a sharp blade against my neck. I stopped instantly, my eyes wide. I managed to make out what he looked like -Kind of-, he had black hair, covering one red -almost glowing- red eye. Blood was smeared across his cheek, and neck. The knife was also covered in blood. The man chuckled, "Ah, I finally get too meet you." "Wh-wh-hat?" I stuttered out. He chuckled, "You were always the oblivious type, Y/n." My eyes widened, "H..h-how do y-you...." I trailed off, terrified now. The man giggled, "Always oblivious to things around you. I'm the one that watches you sleep, the one who follows you. The shadows you see out of the corner of your eye. I'm the one behind the disappearing people, the ones who hurt you. I'm the one that knows everything about you." I shook with the extreme amount of fear I was feeling. What he said next, made me blush. He lowered the knife, "I'm the one who loves you." I was lost for words. He let me go, and the lights switched back on. I could see what he looked like completely now. He wore a purple and white shirt, it was splattered with blood. -I was even more terrified at the sight of that- He wore grey pants and purple shoes. I stayed against the wall, silent. He giggled, pulling me into his chest, his arm around my waist. "My name's Jin." He smirked, "You're even more beautiful up close." I blushed darker. Jin, as he said, chuckled, moving closer to my face. I starred into his eyes, still terrified. Would he hurt me? He emitted to killing people, and he was covered in blood. He must have seen me starring at it, because he said, "Don't worry about that...I'll never even think about hurting you." There's my answer. I calmed down slightly, still scared of him though. Jin giggled, brushing a strand of hair out of my eyes, "You are a truly perfect girl." Jin brushed his lips against mine. The sound of sirens in the distance made him sigh. "I hoped he would have a little longer together...." He pecked my lips quickly, pulling back, "Don't worry dear, I'll be back. I always come back." He left quickly, jumping threw the window. I felt my lips slightly, shocked by what happened.

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