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Perv!Enderlox x male!CrossDresser!reader

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Ooooo! I like tis request -3- I'm gonna have fun with this!

Y/n pov

Walking threw the empty streets, I starred at the moon with a small smile. I was, or course, wearing (Female type clothing), I'm a cross dresser. And, by being told by a lot of people, I looked a lot like a girl! Perfectly fine with me. A small thump from behind made me look over my shoulder, seeing someone a little way behind me. I thought nothing of it, continuing to walk. A little faster though. The person walked just as fast, maybe faster. Thinking he was just walking a different way, I turned down a dark ally. Most likely a bad choice. Once whoever it was turned down the same ally, I broke into a run. Hearing running behind me, I ran faster. I turned a sharp corner, and stopped dead in my tracks, a wall. I was trapped! I spun around and backed up to it, seeing no one there. What? I JUST seen him! Something suddenly jumped down from above me, I yelped and slammed against the wall I stupidly got myself cornered in. Two, large wings snapped open, blocking anyways of escape. "Well well well, what have we here?" He hissed, a grin on his face, showing sharp canines. "Must be my lucky day. Male? I suppose, fine by me.~" His tone of voice terrified me. How could he even tell!? He got closer, I pressed myself closer to the wall. He put both hands...claws...beside my head, now inches away from my face. His bright purple eyes glowed in the light. His brown hair covered one eye, the glow still visible though. "What's your name?" I said nothing. He growled and got closer. "Y-Y/n!" I quickly said. He smirked, "Good boy." He glanced over my body, mainly the *coughcough* Lower region. "My name's Enderlox." he hissed. All of a sudden, he slammed his lips against mine, wrapping his tail around my thigh. A little to close for comfort. I froze, my eyes widening. His tail moved up more, instantly, I kissed back, not wanting to piss him off. He pulled away after a moment. "Submissive." He commented (Why do I love that word so much?XD) with a smirk, "You're coming home with me tonight." Well that escalated quickly! He wrapped his arms around my waist, "What do you say?~" I thought about it. "O...o-okay?" This would be an interesting night! He chuckled and grabbed my ass. I yelped slightly and jumped.....unintentionally grinding on him.

I'm stahping there cause, bed, school, etc 3:
I put the wrong person, now the right person's name is gone, Oops XD

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