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Y/n pov

I'm an love with a demon. That can't be bad...right? Okay, here's how it all happened..


I ran threw the forest, Monsters of the Night chasing me. My wing was badly injured, bleeding heavily. I tripped, and slammed to the ground. The clanking of a skeleton drew near. And a arrow embedded itself in the ground near me. I yelped and backed away from it. The horrible creature raised its bow. In a sudden flash, it was cut in half, and toppled to the ground. I gasped and looked around, seeing nothing. More horrific monsters came closer and closer, a creeper hissing and flashing. Each one that close to me, were killed instantly. Once they were gone, everything went silent. A figure stopped in front of me, the first  thing I seen was a golden glow, then I passed out from blood loss. 
I woke up on a soft bed, with someone standing beside it. I yelped and jerked back, pain instantly shooting into my wing. "Stop! You'll hurt it more then it is!" A voice cautioned. I stopped and looked up at the man. He had brown hair, pulled back in a short pony/rat tail. His eyes were covered by dark glasses, shielding his eyes. His shirt, pants, and gloves were all different shades of grey. And his shoes were red. He smiled, "Hello, My name's Sky." I felt a little unnerved, "Um..Y/n."  He sat beside the bed and helped me sit up. "Can you move your wing?" I glanced at it, forgetting what happened. It was wrapped up in gauze, the blood cleaned away from the delicate feathers. I moved it slightly, wincing in pain, "Y-yeah..still hurts though." He sighed slightly, "Yeah...I couldn't help with that. But it'll be alright!" I nodded slightly. I felt like...I almost couldn't trust  him...I wasn't an Elite I had no way to tell if he was friend or foa. I studied his face, he was looking at the  floor, from the side of his glasses, a slight glow could be seen. "What are you?" I hissed after a while. He cringed slightly. And didn't say anything. He, instead, took off his glasses. Relieving bright golden, glowing eyes. I gasped, those were the eyes of a demon. "You''re..."  He sighed again and looked back down, "Yeah..I'm demon." Instantly, I was terrified. I never met a demon before, but from what I heard, they were awful and mean. "I promise you...I'd never hurt you.."

-FlashBack over-

After that I trusted him, a little. I had no way to get home, due to my wing, I couldn't fly. At least not for a while. I've been here for around two weeks, and I learned that he was nice, and, as he said, wouldn't hurt me. I actually developed a crush for him. Well, I him. I wanted to tell him, but couldn't. We were both on the couch, Sky was rubbing my broken wing. was broken. I sighed slightly, leaning into his touch. "H..hey Y/n?" He mumbled after a while. "Hm?" He let out a breath," He trailed off. I turned around, so that I faced him, "What is it, Sky? Are you alright?" He was starting to worry me. "Y-yeah. Y/n...I really like you." He said quickly, shutting his eyes and bracing for rejection. "Y-you do?" He nodded. I smiled, "I-I really like you to." He smiled and opened his eyes, "Okay I lied. I love you." I giggled, "I love you too." "I always thought that you hated me and wanted me dead or something. And I just, like, was always afraid you wou-" I cut off his rambling, "Just shut up and kiss me." He smiled and didn't hesitate to do just that. I kissed back instantly, wrapping my arms around his neck. After a good span of seconds, we parted. "I love you." He said again. I smiled, "I love you too. You...big bad demon you." He scoffed, "Okay, lil miss Innocent Angle." "Angel." I corrected. "Angle." I sighed loudly and facepalmed. 

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