ShadowLox x reader

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Sorry I haven't been updating these last few days. I have writers block, and I'm doing a school crew thing (Help with le painting n stuff)
ALSO! I'm making a short story type thing involving a song, thank you SheBrine for letting me join! Watch for it there! It shall be made soon!

Enjoy the story! (Shadowlox is from the Dethen x male reader, I figured he needed a part!)

Y/n pov

I stood outside the abandoned looking place. "Just one night." My friend laughed, "You'll be fine!" Another joined in, "You have to do it! It was a dare!" I shuddered. "Afraid of any ghosts?" I shook my head, "Nah, ghosts don't exist. Just....what if...I dunno.." The latter scoffed, "You are scared!" "I am not!" "Then go." Without another word, I ran towards it, jumping up the steps by two. I slowly pushed open the door, it suddenly slammed open making me screech. Laughs sounded from behind me. I glared at them and stomped in, shutting the door.I leaned against it, looking around the huge, dusty space. It seemed like any empty, old, abandoned house. I sighed and slumped down on one of the couches. A cloud of dust instantly erupted from it. I coughed, waving my hand threw it. I rolled my eyes at the 'spooky' atmosphere. Well, to be honest, I am kinda terrified. It's dark, everything's so..empty, and the footprints. "WAIT WHAT!?" I jumped up, turning towards the prints. Those aren't mine! I gaped at them, they started from near me, then towards a door. I, very hesitantly, inched towards it. I stopped in front of it, slowly placing my hand on it. I opened it slightly, peering in. I glanced around what looked like...a bedroom? I opened the door a little more. Slowly, I creeped in. The door suddenly slammed behind me, engulfing the room in complete darkness. I froze, to scared to scream. My body started to shake, I heard someone slowly walking. Then...they stopped, and all that could be heard, was my fear filled breathing. A low, quiet, chuckle came from behind me. My eyes widened, but I still couldn't move. Something glided across my back, that's when I snapped back t reality. I screamed and stumbled forwards, hitting the ground in the process. I spun around, still on the ground. I searched for anything I could see, but my eyes only seen black. A small light flickered to life. Right in front of me, a small red flame. I starred at it for a moment, then looked up. Red eyes and a wicked grin starred back, "Boo." I screamed and scrambled backwards. The thing laughed, and the flame disappeared. I kept backing up, until I hit a wall. I was fearing for my life! Obviously, this thing lived here, and was NOT friendly! Dark chuckles sounded threw the room again. I yelped as I was roughly pinned there, instantly starting to struggle. "Unless you want your throat slit, I suggest you stop." The cold, dark voice was enough to make me stop, but that! That was enough to make me stop everything! It was male, by the sound of it. "Good girl." He hissed, I could hear the smirk in his voice. The same flame appeared, reveling that he was inches away from my face. I got a better look at him this time. He had pale skin, that almost seemed grey; his hair was black with red tips, slightly rising at one point; and he wore black and grey clothing. His red eyes glistened in the red light. "My my, what a beautiful girl." He murmured, examining my features. I blushed slightly, despite the fear. "What are you doing here? I'd love to know." His grin grew. I stammered to answer, "I-I..." He chuckled again and released me, standing up, "Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you had some space." I stayed on the ground, fearful that if I stood, my legs would give out. "I...I w-was dared." I said in a small voice. He hummed slightly, "Aren't they all?" He held out his palm, another red flame appearing there, dancing around his palm. "That's how they all die." He clasped it, extinguishing it instantly. I flinched, my eyes darting for any way to escape. The door was gone -I hadn't noticed this before-. He turned his gaze back to me, "Tell me, are you afraid of the shadows?" I was confused about his question, did he mean the dark? I am, but do I say this? What if this is a trap? A trick? A test?
"Tick tock." He hissed, a smirk forming on his lips. I slowly nodded, "Y-yes." It was probably bad to lie. He smirked a little more, leaning against the apposite wall, "Alright. Next question: What do you fear most?" I thought about it again, "B-being alone." (Sorry if these answers aren't the ones you would choose :/) He smiled, a sickly sweet smile, "Last question: Do you fear me?" My breathing hitched. And I seemed to lose my voice. I slowly, slightly, nodded. He stood strait, "Well seems, for once, someone actually tells the truth. Not the usually 'I fear nothing' 'you don't scare me' 'I love the shadow'! They all died slowly, and painfully." A shiver shook down my spine. "But you, what do I do with you now?" "Let me go?" He laughed, "If I do that, my secrets out, then I have to leave. And I can't have that! Sorry sweety." I can't go home then. Tears pricked my eyes at the thought, "Pl-please! Please, just let me leave! I-I wont tell anyone!" He shook his head with a smile, "That's not how it works! Eventually, the need to speak about it will become unbearable, and then, everyone will know. I had enough pity to let one person go. He told so many people. Tsk, they all had to die." Few tears slid down my cheeks, "A-are you just going to kill me then!?" He giggled, "I could. Quick, yet painful. However, it gets pretty lonely, and quiet around here..." He trailed off, grinning at me. I starred at him in shock, "Wh...wh-what!?" He laughed once again, "Look at it this way, You won't be dead!" I shuddered again. More tears threatened to fall, "O-okay....fine."
He smiled, the same sickly sweet one, "Wonderful. Could I have the name of my new house guest?" "I am not your guest!" I hissed, suddenly very angry. His eyes narrowed, "Hm, quite a mood you have there," His expression darkened, "You may want to watch it. Now. I asked your name." The anger faded quickly, and I replied with a quiet 'Y/n'. He smiled again, "My name's Shadowlox. You can call me Shadow, though." I looked at the ground, not wanting to look at him any longer. Shadow snapped his fingers, and the door from before appeared. "Go, get out." I quickly go up, walking out quickly. The door disappeared, again. I glared at where it was, then trudged away. I glared at the dusty floor, grey against the dark wooden style. I slumped on the couch again, just as I did when I arrived. I shook the dust, most of it, out from a pillow, fluffed it, and slammed myself against it. I starred at the back of the black and grey couch. Then, eventually, I passed out. 
When I woke up, I was in someone's arms. I first saw the black of clothing, then acknowledged the warmth of the person. I looked up, seeing the face of Shadow. His eyes were closed, he was asleep....holding me in his arms. I starred at him for a while. Why was he holding me? Why was he even near me? Why aren't I scared? All these questions, never to be answered. I pushed them aside, yawned, and snuggled back against him. Was there a possibility that he wasn't so bad?

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