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I can't find who requested this. But someone, ToxicDragon143 -Love that name btw-, asked for me to make one. So here you go! Also they said his name was Jonathan, i don't know if that's right but I'm using it!

Y/n pov

I was walking down a dark isolated street. In a tight F/c dress (Shh just go wit it). I was originally supposed to be at a party, and this was the only thing I could find to where, but I'm lost now...perfect. Just perfect. Walking a little faster, my heels echoing thew the otherwise silent street. Another set of foot steps echoed as well. Looking over my shoulder, I seen that a man was following me. He had broad shoulders, and from what I could see, wore a mask. At his side, he held a baseball bat, a large nail drived threw it. I looked forward and sped up, to mu horror, he sped up as well. At that point, i broke into a run, having to step carefully in the heels. The man also broke into a run. Looking at him again, I gasped, he was fats, and close. I finally kicked off the heels and ran as fast as I could. I screamed as he roughly grabbed my shoulder, swinging the bat around against my neck. I was held against his body, pinned with the bat. He covered my mouth, even though I was positive no one could hear. He laughed darkly, "What's  a beautiful lady dong alone on the dark streets, alone?" I didn't make a sound, whimpering as he applied presser to the bat against my neck, making it harder to breath. He removed his hand from my mouth. "I-I'm just l-lost." I whispered. "On the wrong side of town. But I'll make an exception." he released me. "name?" He growled. "Y-Y/n." He smiled, "Perfect for you." I blushed slightly. "Get home before the others come. I'm Jonathan, by the way. See you soon, Y/n." Before i could say anything, he left. I quickly got home, wondering what he meant by 'soon'.

It would be longer but it's a school night, sooooo, yeah, Bai!

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