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(y/n) pov

I smiled and shot a fire spell at an unsuspecting person. They screeched and ran around like a headless chicken. I giggled as he fell to the ground. I heard siren's and teloported to the house I shared with Seto. I opened the door, "I"M HOME!!" I screamed. I heard a 'thump' from upstairs and an 'ACK'! I giggled and walked up the stairs. I opened the door and saw Seto face first on the floor, a blanket, tangled in a blanket and one leg still on the bed. He groaned, "Did you have to yell?" His voice was muffled from being on the floor. I giggled, "Yes!" He sighed and got up. "That's why you don't sleep when i'm on my way home." He threw his hands in the air, "What? How was I supposed to know!" I giggled, "Then don't sleep when i'm home." He glared at me and walked out, grumbling. I followed him to the kitchen where he made some coffee. "Well did you have fun killing people?" He asked taking a sip from his mug. I nodded, smiling. "Can you show me how to do a spell of blindness?" I asked sitting next to him. "Sure. Do you want to do it now?" I shrugged, "If you want to." "Ok, lets start." We spent the next hour with Seto showing me how to do the spell. Once I had it down we sat on the couch. Seto turned to me, "Hey, (y/n)?" I answered with a simple 'hmm', "I may like you, actually, I love you." I was shocked by his words. "What?" he smiled, "Let me just show you.." Before I could say anything he gently kissed me, I blushed and kissed back, closing my eyes. He pulled back, "I'm guessing you feel the same?" I nodded. He smiled and pulled me in for another kiss.

Ok short i know. Requested by Darkphoenix24

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