Insane Pewdiepie X Sick! Reader

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For this, You've known le Pewdiepie for years.

Y/n pov

I groaned in pain, hugging the pillow tightly. I was on the worlds fluffiest bed, in the worlds worst-iest pain. "Feeeeelix." I whined, the pillow muffling my whining. Felix, also known as the murderer of thousands, stood beside the bed. "What?" He said bluntly, looking like he didn't want ti take care of me. Hell, he probably didn't. "It huuuurts." He smiled, holding up a knife, "I could cut your arm off, you know, then you wont have to worry about whatever foul sickness you have." I groaned again, slapping it out of his hands. He let out a 'hey', going to pick it up. Before he could, I grabbed his arm, pulling him beside me. Instantly, I wrapped my arms around him, burying myself in his chest. "I'm gonna cut you when I get my knife back." He hissed. "No you wont." I said, sneezing. "Okay you're right." I smiled in victory, closing my eyes. Felix smiled slightly, running his hand threw my hair. "I knew you had a nice side." I mumbled against his chest. "I can slap you in-" He stopped suddenly.
Then, he sneezed.
"YOU GOT ME SICK!" I grinned, "Now we have the foul sickness togetheh."

Short, but sweet :3
Requested by ArtisticGirl917

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