Insane Merome x reader

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Y/n pov

I ran threw the forest, two murderers  following me. One wore a black and red checkered hoodie, the other was some kind of furry creature. Both had glowing red eyes. Both were covered in blood. Both held a wickedly curved blade. Loud laughing echoed threw the forest, they both branched off into different directions. I stumbled backwards as one appeared right in front of my face. I screamed as pain shit threw my shoulder. He ripped the knife out and shoved me backwards, instantly, the other grabbed me from behind. "Hello, cutie.~" He hissed. The one who stabbed me was the checkered one, the one holding me was the furred one. I struggled weakly screaming for help. "No one can hear you.~" The 'human' hissed, pressing his body against mine. The cold blade pressed against my neck. "Tick Tock." He hissed. "You're out of Time!" The other snarled. I screamed as the blade slashed against my neck. Blood gushed out as I spluttered out incoherent words. They both let me go. I fell t my knees, covering the wound that stretched ear to ear. Blood poured from it. "You shouldn't have ran." That both whispered. Tears burst from eyes, blood trickling from the corners of my mouth. They both giggled insanely. I tried speaking, coughing up blood instead. I looked up into their grinning blood splattered faces. 
Then...everything went black, and my body crashed to the floor.
Managing to choke threw one last breath.

WALE THAT GOT DARK! So much for love!
Requested by: VeniceFreakShow

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