Enderlox x Demon!reader

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Y/n pov

I walked through the forest with a small smile, twirling a blackened bone between my fingers. "Hello?" I called out, stretching the 'o'. I could hear almost silent wing beats, a quiet 'thud' afterwards. I turned around, seeing exactly who I was searching for. He had brown hair that covered one bright purple eye, wearing casual clothes. He looked normal enough, except for a few things. He had big purple and black wings, a black tail, and his eyes were strangely reptilian. "I thought you wouldn't come." He muttered, studying my figure. I laughed slightly, walking closer, "Of course I'd come. I may be a demon, but I still have a heart!" He grinned, "So, Y/n, why'd you come?" I shrugged slightly, "Dunno really, to say hi?" He laughed, "You? Just dropping in to say hello then bounce? Nah, impossible. What you want?" I laughed again, "Alright, alright. You got me..." "Well, I don't have any more bones, if that's what you want." I smiled, grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer, "That's not it..." He blushed slightly, "Th-than what?" "This!" With that, I slammed our lips together. His eyes widened slightly, obviously confused. But, in the end, he kissed back. I pulled away after a moment, smiling, "So, I like you?" "I can tell."

Short one but oh well.
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