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insane setosorcerer x neko!reader

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(Y/n) pov

I was walking around the forest when it started to get dark, and to make matters worst, i was lost....GREAT. I pulled my (f/c) hood off my head (which was covering my ears) and let my tail swish around. I suddenly i herd a twig snap, "Ssssss." I gasped and tried to run. "BOOM" the blast knocked me over and i hit my head. I groaned tried to get up. "Ah!" I feel back down but managed to turn over. I lied on my back as my vision faded. I heard foot steps. 'Now there gonna finish me off.' Everything got blurry as i blacked out but before i did i saw a some thing purple. Then i slip onto darkness.


I opened my eyes and sat up. Way to fast. "Ah. Ow." I held my head. "Lay down." Someone said. He helped me lay back down. "Where am i? Who are you?" I asked worried. "Calm down." He smiled, "I'm seto." I froze, my ears went strait up and my tail (sticking out the sighed of bed>.murderer. He smirked, "i see you heard of me." He must off seen my worried look because he quickly said, "don't worry, i wont hurt you." I relaxed and my tail calmed down. He sat on the side of the bed. "Whats your name?" He asked. "(Y/n)." "(Y/n). That's cute." I blushed and looked away. "Aww. Is someone blushing?" I could practically feel the smirk radiating of him. "N-n-no." I stuttered. "Yes you are." I blushed darker. I scooted closer and picked me up, "eep!" I yelped. He smiled and set me on his lap. My ears l lied back and my tail went crazy. He giggled and pulled out a brush. (which was conveniently located in his pocket) i starred at it. He smiled bigger and started to brush my tail. I couldn't help but purr. "Heh, you like that?" He asked. All i did was nod my head. He stopped and i let out a mewl of disappointment. He then started to rub behind my ears. I purred louder and pushed into his head. He smiled. "Your a nice little kitten ar'nt you?" He asked. "Purrr." "Cute widdle kiddy." He said in a baby voice.(i think that's it =/) "Puuuurrrrrr." At this point i can't even talk. I snuggled up to his chest when he started brushing my tail again. I then realized how tired i was i just feel asleep on his lap=3.

Insane setos pov

I smiled softly and stopped brushing her. 'Shes perfect, the hair, eyes, ears and tail.' I tried to move her back to the bed because she feel asleep. When i moved her she did a quiet mew and held on to my hood. I sighed and lied down with (y/n) still snuggled in my chest. I lightly kissed her head and whispered, "i love you." She smiled, "i love you to." I pulled the blanket over us and turned off the light. I cuddled with her and feel asleep dreaming about (y/n), the girl i love.

Did i do good? ;=; i suck at endings but what evs.
Requested by true_rockstar
Vary good idea ;D

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