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Y/n pov

I walked down the street, clicking my sword against the ground. It helped me see, and it was my weapon. I hummed, a wide grin on my face, my unseeing eyes wide with insanity. footsteps creeped up to me. As soon as they got close, I spun around and sliced my sword threw the air. They gasped, male, and jumped backwards. "Nice." He muttered, "But you need to work on your aim. Like this!" I yelped as he swept his foot under me, grabbing the sword and knocking me down. He held it to my neck. "Go ahead." I hissed, "Kill the little blind girl." He laughed "Why would I kill such a beautiful creature, Y/n?" "How do you know my name?" I hissed, glaring at where I assume he is. "Cause I watch you all the time!" He said happily, removing the sword. I jumped up, glaring at him, I think. "You're a pretty good killer for a blind person." I rolled my eyes, "It's not like I'm defenseless or anything!" He giggled, "But you can't stop many things." I opened my mouth to deny that. "Like this!" He cut off, smashing his lips against mine. My eyes widened, but nevertheless, I kissed back. He pulled away with a chuckle, "See? My name's Seto, if you would like to know." "Well Seto," I smirked, "You're the same." "Wha-" I instantly grabbed the sword, knocking him over, and pointed it at his neck. "Well, I suppose I was wrong." He laughed. "See you later, Y/n!" And just like that, he was gone. I smiled slightly, feeling my lips, I hope to see this 'Seto' again.

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