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Yay! a special x reader!! I can't find my little paper with all my request written down XD, so, this is now a special!!Btw I created Phantom Setosorcerer :3


Y/n pov

I stared at the huge mansion in front of me. It was abandoned long ago; legend says it's haunted by a dead sorcerer, creepy. The truth is, I'm terrified of anything scary..Why am I here? My friend dared me to spend the night here, and if I left at anytime during the night, I had to give her 50 bucks. So, being the heroic figure I am, I decided to agree with her. I walked up to the door and hesitantly opened it. I was met with a cloud of dust. I coughed and walked in. The place had an eerie atmosphere. It was very dark. Couches, tables, and chairs were covered by white sheets. The door slammed shut behind me, I yelped and whipped around. I grabbed the doorknob and tried to open the door, it didn't budge. I slowly stepped away from it. great, now I'm locked in a haunted mansion. I turned back around and went to one of the covered couches. A thick layer of dust rested on it. I pulled it back, revealing a beautiful red color. I pulled it off a little more and sat down. Half of it was still covered though. I had the horrible feeling that I was being watched. I looked around, maybe this was all a prank? I hope it is. Something moved beside me. I spun around and was met by...absolutely nothing. This was way too creepy. I pulled my (F/c) phone out of my pocket and called my friend. "(Friend name)? Hello?" Nothing, however, I could here the breathing of someone. "Come on (F/n)! This isn't funny anymore! You win! I'll give you 50 dollars. just please, let me out of here!" I pleaded. "Hehe, You should have never came here..~" I froze, that wasn't (F/n). "Wh-who is this?" I phone suddenly started to get really hot. I pulled it away from my ear. It never did this before. "Wh-OW!" I threw it on the ground. Smoke was coming out of it! It was burning the carpet. I got up. This wasn't a joke. I felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder, no one was there! That's it I'm finding a way out! I jogged to the nearest window. I tried to open it, again, it didn't budge. I looked around. Maybe this place was haunted. I heard thunder in the distant. I slowly walked back over to the couch, sitting back down. I lightly touched my phone. It wasn't burning hot anymore. I picked it up and called my mom. "Mom?" "..." "Hello?" "..." Hello!?" "..." "HELLO!!??" "There's no need to scream my dear~" It was the same voice. It was male now that I thought about it. I threw my phone down. Wh-what? I stared at it. I heard a laugh coming from my phone. Suddenly, it switched to speaker, "Oh, don't get comfortable..I'm just getting started.." Just getting started? Just getting started!? My breathing quickened. "I'm going to have fun messing with you~" It sounded like it was whispering in my ear. I yelped and fell off of the couch. "Do you even know what I do to people who come here?" It sounded like it came from everywhere. He whispered in my ear again..."I. Kill. Them." I jumped up and ran to the door. I grabbed the knob and desperately tried to open it. It still wouldn't open! "Would you like to see?~" Suddenly, i couldn't move anymore. My body turned around, but, i wasn't doing it!" A door, the farthest away from me, swung open. My body started to walk to it. I tried to regain control, but to no avail. As I got closer..The metallic smell of blood got stronger. I was forced to enter the room. I could finally move! I spun around around and *SLAM* I crashed into the closed door. A light turned on, it wasn't the best but I could still see. I slowly turned around and screamed. Dead bodies. Dead bodies were everywhere. There was blood everywhere. One body- a man- had his head smashed in. Another -A girl around my age- had no eyes or teeth. however, one, one stood out from them all....My brother. Tears fell from my eyes. His jaw was broken..but...the worst part was that...his head..was severed from his burnt body. He disappeared a while ago, now I know where we went. I turned around and pounded on the door, "Let me out!! Open the door!" I screamed. The door, surprisingly, opened. I ran out of the wretched room, tears streaming down my face. Once I reached the wall farthest from it, I collapsed. I sat on the floor, facing the wall, and cried into my hands. I felt something one my shoulder. I refused to look though, nothing would be there anyways. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked at my shoulder. I pale hand was there, I could see threw it. I looked fully at the person. He had a devilish smirk. I stumbled to my feet, still staring at him. He had pale skin. His hands and shoes/feel faded and could wear see thru. He had white hair, he only had one eye, it was a light grey almost white, he had no irises. He wore a light grey hood, slightly darker grey pants, and white shoes with dark grey laces(From what I could see). I stepped back, instantly hitting the wall. He laughed and disappeared, reappearing in front of me. He pinned me to the wall, he towered over me, curse my shortness. "Now tell me~ Why are you here?~" I stumbled over my own words, "I w-was dared to c-come here." He grinned, "So was your brother~ Look at what happened to him~" I teared up again. "Why? Why do you do this?" He seemed taken aback by the question. "Because. I want them to feel my pain." He snarled. He died a painful death then. "What's your name?" I didn't expect him to ask that, "U-um, Y-Y/n." He smiled slightly, it was a half smile, half smirk. "That's a cute name~ I'm Phantom Seto. Please just call me Seto though." I blushed when he said my name was cute, really hope he didn't see that. He fully smiled, "Yah know, you're kinda cute." Was he flirting with me? Even when I literally just found out that he killed my brother? I blushed even more. "Expetualy when you blush~" Yep he's definitely flirting. "Okay, look, obviously you don't like me. So, I'll do this for you." He disappeared. What? He reappeared someone was with him. M-my brother..alive! "Y/n?" I flung myself into his arms. He hugged me back. "I-is it really you?" He nodded. "H-how? I-I saw y-your..." I trailed off. Seto smiled, "One of the perks of being a sorcerer is that I can reserect people." I smiled, "Th-thank you." He nodded. My brother let go. "I missed you so much." I told him. He smiled, "I'm glad someone did." I turned to Seto, "Why did you do this? Not that I'm complaining." He sighed, "I don't like seeing you sad. I felt bad, so, I brought your brother back." I smiled again, "Thank you. Thank you so much." "You're welcome." I looked back at my brother, he had a few scares, mostly around his jaw and neck. He needed to go home, needed to see our mom. I decided to stay here for a little bit longer. As soon as the door closed I turned back to Seto, "Was what you said true?" He gave me a questionable look, "About me being cute?" He nodded, "It's all true. But, you'er a lot more cute then kinda. Beautiful actually." I blushed again. "Y/n, I like you. I like you a lot." I was surprised he actually just said that. "I-I-I really l-like you to, Seto." He smiled even more, "Then, since we both like each other..can I do..this?" He pulled me close and smashed his lips onto mine. I was shocked at first, but, then I started to kiss back. Melting into it, loving every moment. He smiled into the kiss. We both pulled away at the same time. "Yes, yes you can do that, Seto." He grinned and pulled me in for another kiss.

I wrote this in a car!!!! At one in the morning!!  WHOOO! Do you know how hard it is to write 1400 words at one in the morning? And when half of it deletes??

((Dis shall be published in zee morning))

I now love Phantom Seto .^.

This actually wasn't supposed to be gory...OH WELLw

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