Insane Seto X Sorceress!reader

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(y/n) pov 

I sat beside a small river and practiced my magic. I made a (f/c) ball of fire and made it steadily grow. I focused on large stone and threw the fire ball at it. It chard the rock black.I made anther one. I gasped at a sudden noise. The ball of fire shook, then disappeared. I growled and turned around to see what made the noise. I froze, Seto stood there. He took a step towards me, "Did you miss me?" He smiled. I backed away. He went on, "Did you think you could escape me?" He stepped forward, I stepped back. "Well you can't." He smiled wider. I shook, about a week ago I managed to run from him. I moved far away. How did he find me? "I'm surprised on how far you got." He stepped closer, I couldn't move any more. He suddenly disappeared. I whimpered when I felt his breath on my neck, "I should kill you for running away." He whispered in my ear.  I only shook harder and kept starring ahead. He laughed. He put a spell on me, that's why I can't move. He roughly grabbed my shoulder, "I could snap your neck in a second, or burn you alive," He hissed in my ear,  "I could tare out your eyes and shove them down your throat, pull your teeth out with pliers." I began to cry. He wiped a tear way, "Shh..don't cry." I felt his magic faultier. I quickly yelled a spell of harming. It wasn't much but enough for a distraction. He yelled as I sprinted away.  I yelped as I felt a ball or fire hit my back. I fell to the floor, twisting my ankle. I heard Seto laugh, I sat up and scooted away from him. I yelped, he threw a fire ball to my left. I crawled away. He threw another one at me, hitting right in front of me. I jumped back. I cried harder and tried to get up, I fell back down. Seto laughed again and walked towards me, holding a ball of fire. I scooted back. I kept crawling back wards till I hit a tree. I cried even harder and closed my eyes. I felt his breath on my cheek. He picked me up bridle style, I opened my eyes in confusion. "W-what are you doing?" I asked him. "Taking you home." Was all he said looking forward. I gave him a confused look, but looked down. 'Didn't he just saw how he was going to pull my teeth out with pliers?' Seto said a teloportation spell and we appeared on our door step. He opened the doors and walked to our bedroom. He sat me on the bed and sat beside me. "(y/n), look at me." I did what he said. "I love you, you know that right?" His voice was kind and cam. I nodded slowly. "Good." He pulled me in for a hug. "I-I love you to." I said resting my head on his chest. He smiled and kissed my for head. "Do you wanna practice magic?" I smiled and nodded. He got up and he went to the back yard, he helped me with the fire ball spell.

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