Markiplier X Wolf!Reader

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This person just said Markiplier (I think), so why not just have a cute fluff instead of one filled with insanity? :3

Y/n pov

I was curled up beside my friend. I was a hybrid, and he didn't care. I had wolf ears and a matching tail. He giggled slightly as I let out a mix of a small whimper and whine, stroking behind my ear. My tail wagged involuntarily, at least my leg didn't kick out or shake, or whatever. Mark had perfect looking black hair, and perfect brown eyes. He smiled down at me, murmuring about how cute I looked. I blushed a little, smiling. "Sooooo adorable." I rolled on my back slightly, "You always say that." "And it's true! You are adorable!" He spoke in a matterafact tone. I sat up, smiling slightly, "How adorable?" "Very adorable." I giggled, "Well, so are you." "You mean it?" I nodded. He grinned , "Prove it!" I asked, "How?" His grin turned to a smile, "A little like this." He suddenly pecked my lips, a quick, simple kiss. I blushed darker, dazed slightly. "I may or may not like-" He hesitated, "No, love you.." I gave him the same look he gave me, "You mean that?" He grinned, "Yes." I hugged him suddenly, "Than I love you too." "Prove it."

Requested by neonaxe56
Some parts may be short, I'm trying my best to get these done. (So many ;-;)

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