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Y/n pov

I ran thru the streets, my feet pounding on the side walk. A second sound pounded behind me, closing in. The streets were empty, it was a ghost town. No one was here, if they were, no one would help me. I gasped, the tip of my shoe catching on the ground, the ground suddenly rushed to meet me. I crashed down, slamming to the ground. Before I could scramble back up, the man chasing me grabbed my shirt, shoving me against the wall. A knife was pressed to my neck. I stared into his red eyes in complete horror, "G-get away f-from me!" He simply laughed, a mask hiding his face. He simply chuckled darkly, hissing, "You think you can just do that to me...?" I stared at him in confusion, "W-what s-so you me-mean?" He glared at me, pressing it harder, "Walking around at the school. Letting those men look at you...Letting them touch you. How dare you do that to me." "I-I'm sorry! P-ple-ease don't h-hurt me!" The man smiled a sickly sweet one, "Oh, Y/n...I'm not going to do that. No...I'm keeping you with me. I'll never let anyone look to you again!" Before I could say anything else, he shoved a cloth against my mouth. I inhaled on accident, and soon, the world was spinning, and everything went dark.

I'm gonna be mean and end it there.
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