Virus Cry x Hacker!reader PARTS COMBINED

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Just to get it out faster I split it into two parts :3

Y/n pov

I growled in frustration. My favorite youtuber posted a video. And it was privet! So because I'm a hacker, it is my duty to hack it! The video was titled 'Please don't watch this' sooo of course i'm gonna watch it! I tried so many times I lost count. This wasn't a normal video. It was harder to  hack. "Come on!" I banged my fist on the table. I frowned, "I'll try one more time.." . . . 'Ping!' "YES!" I cried out. The black screen disappeared and a pure light blue screen replaced it. I grinned and played the video, full screening it. . . . . . "I told you not to watch this..." my smile dropped, the voice wasn't Cry's, it sounded like him, but, glitched. My computer started making a loud screeching noise. I covered my ears and winced at the loudness. It stopped abruptly. The screen turned black and slowly some kind of neon-blue data spread across it. 'Is this some kind of joke?' I thought looking at the screen. I gasped as a smile appeared on the screen. It looked like teeth and was the same blue as the data. To glowing dots appeared above it. This has to be a joke. The..thing..started to look like Cry's mask, with the blue data on it. It started to look like a person, brown hair and from what I could see, Cry's green sup shirt. The thing reached forward. I screamed as the hand shot out of the screen and grabbed the front of my jacket. I yelped and slid it over my head. It laughed and grabbed the side of my computer. The thing started to pull it self out of the computer. I stood up and backed away. This wasn't a joke. This was real. The lights flickered and went out. He laughed, half of him was out! I stepped back. It pulled its self the rest of the way out and stood in front of me. "I told you not to watch the video~" I screamed as it grabbed my wrist. I as the blue data appeared where it touched me. I yanked my arm back and starred at my wrist. It, I should say he, laughed, "When that reaches your brain, you'll go completely insane and kill anything you see." I starred at my wrist in horror. I didn't want to kill anyone! He laughed again, "And I'm the only one to stop it!" The data slowly moved up my arm. It grew to about an inch and stopped. "Do you want me to stop it?" He asked. I nodded. He  chuckled darkly. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and handed to to me, "Kill the first person you see." He laughed again and disappeared. I starred at the knife. "Th-this can't be real..I can't kill someone." I said to my self, "I-if I don't. I can kill a lot more people then one.." The front door opened, "Y/n! Are you here?" Oh no...I friend was visiting today...




Part one completed...
REQASTED BA iToyFreddy(i tink this person changed their name....)

Edit: The next two parts to this have been combined.


(B/f) = Best friend

Y/n pov

No! (B/f) Needed a place to stay! I-I had to kill her. "Hi Y/n!" I didn't say anything, I just starred at the huge knife in mu hand. "Yo? Y/n? Why are you holding a knife?" She asked. I looked up with tears in my eyes. "Y/n?" I raised the knife up. "Th-this is a joke right? B-because this isn't f-funny!" I lowered the knife and ran to my room, "I'm sorry!" I yelled as I ran. I slammed the door shut and slid down it. "Y/n?" She knocked on the door. "GO AWAY!" There was silence before I heard her walk off. "What are you doing?" Him. The one who wanted me to kill her. Virus Cry. "I'm not doing it! I'm not killing my best friend!" I refused to look at him. "You have to! Unless you want to become completely insane and kill everyone INCLUDING her!" I finally looked up, "Is there anything else I can do besides killing anyone?" He shook his head. I frowned and grabbed the knife, "Then I'll kill my self!" I jumped up and ran to my bathroom. I had one in my room. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I starred at my reflection in the mirror. I heard his voice on the other side of the door, "You don't have t do this." I starred at the knife again, "I'm not killing anyone!" He sighed. He appeared next to me. I yelped in surprise and jumped back. Forgot he could do that. He held out his hand, "Knife." I stepped away from him, "I'm not going to kill anyone. You said that if I don't, I'll become insane and kill everything. I don't want that to happen!" He sighed and said, "I don't want you to die." I glared at him, "Why? SO I can go insane and kill everybody!?" He sighed again, "I guess I can cure your Virus problem. Without anyone getting hurt." I lowered my knife, "How?" I asked him. He smiled, "Be my girlfriend." I stood in shock, "W-what?" He stepped closer to me, "You'er beautiful. I don't want you dead. And clearly you'er not going to stab your friend. And this is the only other way I'll remove it. So, how 'bought a kiss?" I growled and stepped back, "I'm not going to kiss you! Or date you!" He turned around, "Okay, have fun killing everyone!" I frowned, "W-wait!" He did a half turn and looked at me, "F-fine." He chuckled, "Good choice." He fully turned around and walked up to me.

Okay I planned to finish it in this one BUT because I want to update tonight and can't finish Right now. I'll Finish it tomorrow!! PART THREE COMING SOOOOON!!!

Part three: 

Y/n pov

I fidgeted a little, this would be a first kiss, and I didn't want it to be to..this. He moved his mask a little so I could see his mouth, which was pulled back with a smirk. I didn't want to kiss him. He gently stroked my cheek, I resisted the erg to swat his hand away. He pressed his lips against mine. I hesitsntly kissed back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I hesitantly wrapped mine around his neck. He pulled away with a smirk. I-I surprisingly liked it. "You liked it didn't you?" Can he read minds? "N-no." I said with a blush. He chuckled, " You kissed back. And it looked like you enjoyed it!" I looked at the ground and blushed harder, I did enjoy it. "M-maybe a little bit." He smiled and pulled me into his chest, "Want to do it again?~" I looked at him, "M-maybe..." He smiled and kissed me again. I kissed back instantly, melting into it. He, sadly, pulled back with a smile, "I knew you'd enjoy it~" I looked at the the blue data that now covered my forearm, "Will you get rid of this please?" "I guess." He grabbed my wrist and slowly the weird glowing data disappeared. He let go of me and all of it was gone. He smirked, " Keep your end of the deal. Or it comes back." I nodded. He smiled, "Then your now my girlfriend!~" He kissed my nose. I heard a knock at the bed room door, "Y/n?" It was (B/f) again. Virus Cry smiled, "I'll see yah later, Y/n. And yes, you can tell your friend." He said before disappearing. I left the bathroom and opened the door. "That was a prank right?" She asked. I told her everything, even the kiss. She frowned, "Your being forced to be his girlfriend?" I smiled, "I'm okay with it. I kinda like the idea. Plus he's a good kisser." She smiled and entered fangirl mode.

It is short but hey, short and sweet right? I hope it is!!!!! This is the last part! This is now completed!!!! I said I'ed do it today!!!

Requested by iToyFreddy((I hope))

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