Insane Jerome x Neko!reader

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Y/n pov

My ear flicked at the sound of foot steps. I wirrled around and was met with a furry hug. I yelped in surprise, my tail poofing up twice its original size. "Calm down! Its just me!" I relaxed at Jerome's voice. "You scared me!" I said, it was muffled due to being smushed into his -warm- chest. He laughed and pulled me closer, kissing my head. Yeah, I was in a relationship with an insane murderer. He gently pet my ear, I purred and leaned on him a little. He chuckled and continued petting me, I continued to purr. "Like this?" He asked. I hummed in response. I mewled unhappily as he stopped. I pouted and he just smiled back. I opened my mouth to say something, but as soon as I did, he smashed his lips into mine. I blushed a little. I kissed back after my moment of shock. He pulled me closer, if possible since our chests were already touching. He smiled into it and pet my ear again. I purred happily at that. I pulled back, even though I didn't even want too. "You're the best kitty a bacca could ever ask for!" He said, still smiling. "Thanks." I mewed. He grinned and hugged me tightly. I hugged back, the best I could, my arms were sorta pinned to my side. "J-Jerome...Can't...B-breath!" I stuttered out. "Oops! Sorry, Y/n." He loosened his hug, refusing to let me go. "It's fine. Now, will you please let me go?" I asked. "No! Mine!" He growled, pulling me as close as humanly possible. I sighed, I will never be free again!

This is short! VERY SHORT! Sorry there wasn't any kissy kissy romance stuff!

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