Sane!Enderlox x Insane!reader -Parts combined-

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Y/n pov

I frowned, "Come on Enderlox." He growled at me, "I already told you, I'm not insane anymore! I wont kill anybody!" I growled at him, "Why? Why has the great Enderlox, the most feared murderer in all of Minecraftia, suddenly not want to kill?" He snarled and bared his fangs, "I realized it's horrible. Killing innocent people who deserve to live!" I scoffed, "What about the ones who deserve it? The ones who called you a monster..your old friends...Jason-" His eyes turned to slits, "Stop." I grinned and continued, "Tyler(MunchingBrotato :3)-" He took a threatening step towards me.."Sky.." He screamed in rage and jumped towards me. I laughed and avoided his attack. "Don'y you ever say that name again!" He spat out. I grinned, "What? . . . Sky?" He snarled and slashed at me. I jumped backwards, just avoiding his sharp claws. I knew he was stronger then me, but I was faster. I giggled, "He called you a monster. A beast. A cold blooded killer!" He stopped and glared spitefully at me, "Stop..I-I'm not a killer..anymore." He was close to braking. My grin grew wider, "He didn't love you.." He close. I looked down, he clenched his teeth tightly and clenched his fist tightly, "N-no. Y-you'er lying." "He never loved you..." He screamed and fell to his knees, "YOU'ER LYING!!" I laughed maniacally, "It's true! He never loved you! It was all a lie. He always hated you. He just wanted to see you suffer." He screamed again and looked at me with rage filled eyes, "H-he never loved me.." I chuckled darkly, "Never." He grinned, "Then lets pay him a visit." I smirked, "Yes, lets go." I did it. I broke him..

Ha! Did you think it was going to be sweet?
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omeone (coughcough Queen_The_Killer cough) suggested I make this one like the Virus Cry x reader, soooo this'll be at least a three part story!!!! YAY!!

Y/n pov

I laughed, I broke him! I finally did it! He's insane, back to the Enderlox I knew. Enderlox wore a toothy grin, "I can't wait to see my old friend, lets go.." He started walking in the direction of the great Sky kingdom with me behind him.

=Time skip=

We hid behind a tree in front of the gates. Two guards were guarding it. Two more were on top of the wall that surrounded the city, it kept them..'safe'. "You get the ones on the ground, I'll get the two on the wall." He whispered. I nodded. "Go!" I ran out holding two large knifes, Enderlox flew out, using his claws to attack the first one. "GET THEM!" The leader , I presumed, ordered. He was on the ground. I lunged at the closest one. He yelped in surprise and tried to slash his sword at me. I grinned and ducked, slicing a large, deep, cut in his leg. He stumbled a little. I took the chance and stabbed one of them in his side, the other, in his neck. He screamed and fell to the ground. I jerked my knifes out and jumped at the leader of the group. Enderlox was struggling with the first one. I cought sight of the second hitting something on the wall. A loud siren went off as soon as he hit the button. I snarled and stabbed the leader in the chest, he screamed and dropped his sword. He pushed me off and picked up his sword. He got in a fighting stance, I laughed and lunged at him. He jumped backwards, I barely cut his cheek. I heard Enderlox snarl, I looked up and, he threw the, now dead, guard off the wall, launching him self at the other one, the one who sounded the alarm. The leader was caught off guard. He starred at the body, the one Enderlox threw. I took my chance two stab him in his throat, delivering a fatal blow. I pulled my knife out and ran to the closed gate. The last one was dead. Enderlox ran into the control room and opened the gate. I grinned and ran in. He jumped down and ran beside me, before he left he roared, all kinds of mobs came out of the forest, spiders, creepers, everything! They made their way to the gate and into the city. By now people were coming out of their houses and running to get to safely. We both killed a few unlucky ones that got to close. guards were trying to calm them down and direct them to a safe house, while fending off mobs. I followed Enderlox to Sky's house. As soon a we were there we both saw that the door was wide open. He was somewhere in the City, searching for us. Enderlox snarled and flew into the air. He roared loudly and his eyes darted around, searching for him. Enderlox landed beside me and took off, "Come on!" I ran after him. He took a sharp left. I almost tripped trying to keep up with him. He finally stopped in a large clearing, fire surrounded it do to the mobs. I stayed at the edge, the only place without . "ENDERLOX!" Sky stood about ten feet away from him, holding a bloody budder sword. He had a pained look in his eyes, "Why?"

How's that for part two?

Part three:

Y/n pov

"Why?" Enderlox snarled, "Why? Why!? I want revenge!" Sky frowned and Enderlox continued, "You! You never cared! You never..Loved me.." He spit out hatefully. Sky stepped back, "I-I d-do th-though..." Enderlox growled, "Lies! You never loved me! You just wanted to play with my feelings!" Sky protested, "I did love you! I-I still do..." Enderlox snarled and jumped at him, pushing him down and pinning him to the floor, knocking the sword away in the process. I smirked and watched the events unfold in front of me. I found it amusing. Enderlox held his claws against his throat, "You'er lying, Sky! Lying!!" Sky looked hurt, wait, he looked hurt from the start! "I-I'm not. I-" "The why did you attack me when I showed you what I am!? Why!?" He cut him off. Sky looked him in the eyes, "I w-was scared, I-I thought y-you w-would h-h-hurt me.." I never seen the great king was amazing. Enderlox stared at him, he seemed surprised, "Scared?" Sky nodded sadly, "I-I still love you." Enderlox moved his claws off his neck. No. Sky continued to talk, "I men't everything I said. I always cared about you." He got off him. No. "R-really?" Sky nodded again. Enderlox looked like he was about to cry, "I-I'm sorry, S-Sky.." Sky smiled and hugged him, "It's okay. I love you." Enderlox hugged back. NO! "I-I love you to.." I snarled and ran out of the trees, stopping five feet from them, "What are you doing!? You'er supposed to be ripping him apart!!" Enderlox glared at me and stood up, "I changed my mind." I growled, "No! Kill him! He's lying! He doesn't love you! Kill him!" Sky stood up to, Enderlox in front of him, "I won't hurt him. I wont kill him." I grinned and raised both my knives, "Then I will!" I ran at him and ducked under his swinging claws. He grabbed my ankle with his tail and roughly pulled me away from Sky. I stabbed his tail, he snarled and let go. I grinned and jumped up, turning and running at Sky. Just before I stabbed him, Enderlox grabbed me and pinned me to a tree. He snarled and slashed my neck. My eyes widened. He let me go. I fell to my knees. "You will never hurt MY Sky!" I tried to say something, but choked on my own blood. I fell to my side. I painfully rolled onto my breath, trying to get air to my lungs. More blood bubble up in my throat. I coughed some up and more came. Enderlox glared at me with pure hatred. Slowly, I quite breathing, the last thing I saw was Enderlox hugging Sky. No, he was supposed to be mine...

Um, well, that was, uh, an unexpected ending. So much for love! Psh, who needs it?
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