Enderlox x Melody!reader

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I'm not to good on the whole 'meledy' thig, all I know that it is singing? I'm not sure!

Y/n pov

I sat on a fallen tree, the bark stripped away by years of rain. Humming a small song. It was a beautiful night, the full moon shining down on the lush forest. I quietly sang (Fav Song). A figure flashed on the edge of my vision, I shrugged it off. Shutting my eyes, I continued to sing with a smile. "You have a beautiful voice." I gasped slightly and snapped my eyes open. A boy sat beside me. He had large black and purple wings and a black tail. His one visible eye shined in the moonlight, a beautiful purple. I blushed slightly, "Th-thank you?" He smiled, "My name's Enderlox." I relaxed a little, "My name's Y/n, nice to meet you." I smiled at the end. He looked at the starry sky, "It's pretty out tonight." He mumbled. I hummed in agreement. We both starred at the sky. "Come here a lot?" He asked after a while. "I come here sometimes, not on a daily basis though. You?" He shrugged, "I live near here, so I yeah. Well, actually, I technically live here." I nodded again. Back to silence. "What are you?" I asked hesitantly after a moment. Instead of acting offended or getting mad, he simply smiled, "I'm a dragon hybrid. I muttered a small 'oh'. Around ten minutes passed, and he quietly spoke, "Can..you sing again? I really like your voice." I smiled, "I'd love to." He inched closer. I softly started singing, a beautiful love song.

:3 I do good? Ti short doh ;3;
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