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Y/n pov

I was shoved to the forest floor, my attackers laughing. I couldn't see them, I couldn't see anything. I did the best I could to fight back, which wasn't much, just curling and a ball and sobbing. Why were they doing this? I was different. I was a neko; I had furry cat ears and a matching tail. That wasn't considered 'cute'. One suddenly stopped, "WH-what is that!?" She screamed. Everything erupted into chaos. Everyone started screaming, someone hit the floor, a splattering sound was heard, and manacle laughter. I remained in my terrified ball, shaking and crying. It stopped, the last person falling with a loud thud. I could feel eyes bore into my head, it made me shake harder. Slow, quiet footsteps started towards me, stopping just in front of my quivering form. They leaned down, and...touched my ear. I whimpered, of course, hiding my face. Without a word, they calmly stroked it. "You're blind, aren't you?" They finally murmured, it sounded like a male, his voice soft and soothing. I nodded slightly, not wanting to make him mad, nor wanting to speak either. He chuckled softly, still petting my fluffy ear, "I won't hurt you." Hesitantly, I uncurled myself, sitting up. He drew his hand away. "A-are they all..." "Dead?" He finished, continuing to speak, "Yes, they're all dead. And they can't hurt you anymore. Softly, he grabbed my hands, gently pulling me up, "Come on, a lost little kitten needs a home."

I'm trying to keep things short, serreh
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