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Ima to lazy to put (b/n) so Troy, Andrew and Alex will have to do, change them if you don'y like them :0

(y/n) pov

My eyes watered as I ran. Three of my bullies were chasing me. I yelped as my shoulder was grabbed and I was thrown into a tree. I sat up against the tree as Troy, the leader, walked towards me. "Well lookie here boys.." He said cracking his knuckles. I whimpered and pressed against the tree. When he was less then five feet away from me we all heard a voice growl, "Why don't you leave her alone." Troy and his ghouls whipped around. I sniffled and looked past them. A man stood there, he wore a freaky looking mask and a green hoodie. The mask had blood on it, the mouth part was made to look like sharp teeth. His mask didn't cover his mouth and a horrifying smile was shown. Troy growled and nodded to Andrew. He sneered and ran up to the man. He threw a punch and...He caught it?! The man grinned and twisted his arm backwards. Andrew yelped and fell to the floor.  He picked himself up and tried again. The man caught it. He smirked and punched Andrew in the face. He then pushed him backwards and kicked him. Alex growled and ran to help Andrew. The man grabbed him by the neck and threw him down. i flinched when he kicked him in the head.  Andrew got up and tackled him. Well tried to. The man stepped out of the way and Andrew landed on Alex. They both got up and snarled. The masked man grabbed their heads and smashed them together. I cringed when they fell to the ground. I wasn't sure if they were dead or knocked out. He turned to Troy, "I suggest you back away from her." Troy smirked and walked up to me. He grabbed my hair and jerked me up, I cried out in pain. "What? Her?" I yelped as he punched me in the face. The man grinned and ran over. I feel to the ground as Troy was pinned to a tree. A knife pressed to his throat. Troy shook under his grasp. The man laughed and pressed harder, "I warned ya!" I flinched when he removed the knife and plunged it into his throat. He dropped the now dead boy and walked over to me. I whimpered and crawled backwards. "Calm down I wont hurt 'cha" His voice was calm and..soothing? 'He just killed Troy and i'm pretty sure Alex and Andrew.' He smiled, not a 'i'll stab you in the eye' smile, no it was a warm, calming smile. He knelled down beside me, "Hey, are you okay?" My eye was swollen and hurt allot. I nodded. "Good. Come on my house is close, i'll get you an ice pack." He stood up and held out his hand, which I took. "Thank you." I said shyly. He smiled, "Your welcome. Lets go."


He told me to sit on the couch and he went to get an ice pack. I glanced at his table beside his couch. A bloody knife sat on it, but the one he stabbed Troy with was still in his pocket. "Here you go." I was snapped back to reality when he handed me the ice pack. 'Wait. I don't even know what his his name is.' I thought. "Thank you. Um, whats your name?" I asked him, putting the ice pack over my black eye. "Cry. And you?" "(y/n). Thank you back there Cry." He smiled, "No problem." I was about to say something but load thunder crashed out side. "Well I guess your staying here." Cry said as rain started pelting down. "If it's okay with you." I said quickly. Cry nodded, "It's fine. I'll sleep on the couch." I quickly shook my head, "I'll sleep on it." "No your a guest." "Exactly the treason I'll sleep on the couch." After 30 minuets of arguing we decided that both of us will sleep on the bed. I couldn't help but blush at that thought. It was pretty dark so we went to Crys room. He climbed into the bed and patted the spot next to him. Luckily the dark hid my blush, I sighed quietly and got in The bed. I was surprised that he slept with his mask on. Cry pulled the blankets over us and turned over, I did to. I feel asleep.


I whimpered and pressed against the wall. "HEY Look at me b*tch" Troy snarled dragging me up and punching me. He threw me against the lockers and punched me repeatedly. The school halls shifted to the woods and Troy turned into...Cry!? He backed away and pulled out a knife. "N-no p-please C-Cry." I pleaded threw tears. He just smirked and raised his knife. 

=OUT OF DREAM, I tolled you to bring a kitty, but no, now you get a nightmare!=

I sat up fast with tears streaming down my face. "(y/n)?" Cry sat up and wrapped his arms around me. "Shh It was just a dream." He said rubbing my back. I just hugged him and cried into his. Once I calmed down he asked me, "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked looking at me. I slowly nodded, "I dreamt that the guy you killed was beating me up," I started crying, "H-he turned into you a-and y-you k-kil-led m-me." He shook his head, "I would never." I nodded and hugged him. He gently kissed my head, "I actually l-love you, (y/n)." I smiled, "I love y-you to, Cry." He smiled and kissed me on the lips. I melted into it. He pulled away, "Now lay down and go to sleep." I nodded and lied down. Cry smiled and lied down to. He pulled me into his chest and kissed my head again. I smiled and slowly feel asleep, this time without a horrid nightmare.

I TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE DONE TO DAY! just a little late;D (Don't kill me)


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