Enderlox x Happy!reader

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(yn) pov

I practically skipped to the park with a smile on my face. "Today's such a beautiful day." I said happily. I hummed a little tune, I don't know what tune, but it was a happy tune. When I got to the park, I walked threw the entrance and walked to a large oak tree that was located at the center of the park. I stood against it and watched birds fly around and in the trees. I heard a stick break to my left. I turned my head and saw a dragon hybrid. He had ender dragon wings and tail. A wight v neck, black trimming, grey pants, and black shoes with purple laces. He had black claws and black scales went up to his elbow. He had brown hair that covered his left purple eye. He also had the grin of a killer. "Hello!" I said with a smile. He gave me a confused look and spoke, "Why are you happy? I'm about to kill you." I frowned then smiled, " Because it's a beautiful day." He growled, "A beautiful day to die." I giggled, "I guess so." I frowned at me, "Okay time to die!" I smiled again, "But it's a beautiful day," He snarled and I continued, "At least i'll die on a pretty day." He walked up to me, "Why are you so happy?" "Why are you so not happy?" I retaliated, with a smile of course. He growled, "I'm not happy because...." He frowned. "Your not unhappy for no reason?" "Okay i'm just unhappy alright?" I frowned, "You shouldn't be unhappy for no reason, What makes you happy?" I wanted to cheer him up. "Killing people." He stated through clenched teeth. "Okay..What else makes you happy?" He sighed and thought for a moment. "What about a joke?" He looked at me and said nothing, "(insert joke(can't think of one;-;))" A smile tugged at his lips. "There we go." He sighed, "Okay, it was kinda funny. Whats your name?" He asked me, "(y/n) and yours?" "Enderlox." He had a slight smile on his face. "So are you still gonna kill me?" I asked him. He sighed, "I guess not." I smiled, "And why is that?" His smile grew bigger, "Because you made me laugh." I smiled bigger. It started to get dark. "I need to get home." I said turning to Enderlox. "I'll take you home." Before I could speak, Enderlox picked me up and took off into the air. I held onto him fore dear life. I smiled and looked around, "It's beautiful." Enderlox nodded with a smile. I showed him ware my house was, he landed on my door step and put me down.  He looked at me, "(y/n) the real reason I didn't kill you was because I, well, love you." I smiled, "I love you to." He smiled, "Even though I was about to kill you?" "Yes, even though you were about tpo kill me." He smirked, "Well in that case." He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. I blushed a bright shade of red and slowly kissed back. He pulled away, "See you tomorrow?" "Y-yah." He kissed me again and took off into the air. I smiled and walked into my house, 'Best day ever.'

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