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Waring! I have not read the soul keeper series on Deviantart, so, I'm just kinda winging it XD I'm assuming the soul keepers are murderers that keep and torture souls of people. I am probably wrong. Also, I finally fixed the angle problem XD

Y/n pov

I am elite angel sent to kill demons. I one of the few strong enough to take on the strongest of the demons...the soul keepers. However, it is hard to find them, they can disguise themselves as humans. It's there 'human form' as we call it. The soul keepers have a pair of wings and a tail. The appearance of these can differ. Some have feathered wings, others scales. The tails can have spikes, or a deadly barb at the end. The eyes can also be different, they can either be human like or glowing wight. Also, soul keepers have a 'beast form' this is what gets most elite angels killed. When this happens, the soul keeper grows sharp claws that cover the entire arm in scales, and their eyes can turn into a glowing red, this is rare though, and the wings could achieve large spikes in them, the tail can become covered longer and can be covered in sharp, poison spikes. That's what I know, or can remember, about the soul keepers. "Y/n. A dangerous soul keeper has been spotted near the center of the ceder forest. You are to eliminate it!" The leader of the Elites commanded me. I saluted him, "Yes sir!" He handed me my gear, which was my sword and a demon tracker. "The tracker already has it's location on to where it is. Now go!" I spread my F/c wings and took of into the night, did I mention it was dark? I checked the tracker and flew to the ceder forest. I landed a little ways from where it was. I walked the rest of the way, making sure to be silent. Soon a clearing came into view and I could see a figure, I could see wings and a tail, found it. I jumped into the clearing. Raising my sword I commanded, "Halt!" The person, male, turned around. I could already tell this would be a hard fight. He had large black feathered wings. He had a matching black tail, There were feathers at the start of it and feathers at the tip, the rest were black scales. He fully turned around. He wore red glasses that hid is glowing wight eyes. He had a black beard and black hair. He had on a wight shirt and a black jacket, white pants that were black in the front (Does that make sense?). Black markings went down threw his eyes. He laughed, reveling sharp fangs on both jaws, "Ah, what do we have here? An Angle? A weak one it looks like. This'll be easy." I growled at that, "I have you know I'm apart of the Elite angles." He scoffed, "And?" "And. I was sent here to get rid of you. So, are we going to do this the easy way? Or the hard way?" He grinned and held up his hands, large black claws instantly appeared. "Hard way it is." I mumbled. I growled and lept at him, swinging my sword at him. He used his wings fly backwards, into the air. He flew up a ways then barreled down at me, slashing his claws across my face, above my eye. I backed up, that hurt. I had to close my left eye to avoid blood dripping into it. I grit my teeth together and swung my sword,he laughed again and blocked it with his right wing. I didn't notice his black tail wrap around my ankle. I yelped as I was dragged backwards, falling on my back and dropping my sword in the process. He grinned and slashed his claws down, aiming for my neck. I quickly grabbed my sword and brought it in front of me. His claws and m,y sword clashed to gather. I used all my strength to push him off, however, he used all his strength to push my sword down. My eyes widened as his claws wrapped around the blade and he ripped it out of my hands. I took the moment to kick off. I jumped up. He stood up to, but, he had my sword this time. He grinned an broke it in two as if it was nothing more then a tooth pick. I stepped back. He laughed and threw the broken sword aside. "Looks like you're defenseless." He teased with a toothy grin. I eyed the broken sword. He jumped at me, claws extended. I jumped to the side, knocking him over with my wings, and I skidded to my broken sword. I grabbed the side with the handle and ducked just in time to dodge his swinging tail. He kicked me on to the floor and swiped his claw down at me. I rolled out of the way and jumped up, propelling my self into the air using my wings. He snarled and flew up after me. I suddenly turned around and threw the broken sword at him. He yelped and dodged at it went past his face. Her grinned and turned back to me. He grabbed me and barreled to the ground. Holding e in front of him so that I'll it the ground. I screamed as the ground rushed up to meet me. He suddenly stopped and straitened himself, he shifted me so that he held me bridal style. He then flew down to a tree and sat me down on one of the limbs, landing beside me. "W-why didn't y-you..?" I trailed off. I was surprised, never as a demon let an angle live. we're like mortal enemies. "I don't know. I just..don't want to hurt you." He muttered, "I think you?" Wow, wasn't expecting that. I have to emit though, I kinda like him to, I mean, he was cute. "Y-you what?" I stuttered. "I like you." I repeated. I frowned, "You can't like me. You're a demon and I'm an angle! It's forbidden. Even though I like you to." I whispered the last part, hoping he wouldn't hear. "What was that?" He asked with a smile. I blushed a bright red, "u-uh, nothing!" He grinned, "It wan't 'nothing', did you just say you like me to?" I stared at the ground, avoiding eye contact, "N-no." He laughed, "Then why are you blushing?" I looked back up, "Okay, let's say I do like you, which I don't, It's still forbidden for an angle and a demon to date each other." He smirked, "Okay, well I can already tell you like me, you're a bad lire. And who cares if it's forbidden?" I frowned, "I care! I can lose my Elite title." He rolled his eyes, "If you let them know you will. But, if you keep it a secret...then no one will know." I sighed, "Well I guess you're right there. It can't be that hard to keep a secret.." "Aha! You do like me then!" He exclaimed. "W-what no! I don't even know your name!" I protested. "Okay, lets fix that then. I'm CaptainSparklez, I prefer Jordan though. And you are.." "Y/n." I mumbled. "Okay, Y/n, It's a pleasure to met you, even though we tried to kill each other at first." I smiled a little, "Nice to met you to, Jordan." He smiled back, "So, you like me?" I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I like you." He smiled even more, "Well,. since we both like each other...can I kiss you?" I blushed even more, "W-what, no!" He frowned, "Aw come on." He wined, "We both like each other." I stared at the ground, I honestly do want to kiss him. "And I know you want to~" It's like he can read my mind. "Um, okay, m-maybe I do. But that doesn't change the fact that it's forbi-" He cut me off by smashing his lips into mine. I blushed a dark red and after a minute of shock, I kissed back. He smiled into it and grabbed my hand. He finally, and sadly, pulled away, "Told you you wanted to~" I rolled my eyes again, "Whatever."


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