WildFire x reader

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Y/n pov

I ran threw the forest, smoke filled my lungs. The orange wall of flames chased me. I don't even know how this happened. I was just walking threw the woods ....when roaring flames came out of no where. In a matter of seconds, everything was burning. I sprinted threw a path, hoping this was the way to the lake. I stopped suddenly, my path being engulfed in flames. I stumbled backwards, spinning around to run the way I came. That way was blocked too! Horror filled my body as I realized every exit was blocked by the fire. Tear bursted from my eyes, so this is how it's going to end? I fell to my knees, the smoke finally taking effect on my body. I coughed horribly, looking up weakly. My eyes landed on a figure at the edge of the flickering wall. The fire liked at his body, but nothing happened. It didn't effect him! The fire stopped spreading, stopped moving closer. The person walked closer. Instantly, I assumed I was hallucinating. I coughed harder, tears rolling down. When I looked up, he was close enough that I could see what he looked like. He had yellow hair, one side swept upwards, an orange color instead of yellow. His eyes seemed to burn a bright yellow. His shirt was orange, half was yellow, the left sleeve was long, the other ripped off. At least I think. His pants were a reddish yellow, orange swirls went threw the bottom half. Would hallucinations be detailed? He had a black cloth around his mouth, standing out from the reds, oranges, and yellows. He wore a pair of gloves, one yellow, the other red -both had the opposite color of flames-. The boy looked like fire himself. He stopped in front of me. I starred up at him, gasping desperately for fresh air. The boy giggled, knelling down. He whispered something, but by then, I was already falling to the ground, blacking out. 

I woke up slowly. Blinking away my blurry vision. I sat up slowly, and instantly, a fit of coughing over took me. When I finally managed to stop, I looked up, right into yellow eyes. I yelped loudly, terrified at what would happen. It was...the boy from before? He isn't a hallucination? -Also weren't his eyes orange?- He giggled, "Glad you're awake!" He had a bubbly tone. "U-uh..." I stuttered. He giggled, "Oh, how rude of me. My name's WildFire, and you are?" "Y-Y/n..." I said quietly. After I said it, I started coughing again. WildFire handed me a glass of water. I instantly drank it. I thank him afterwards. He hummed, "of course, I figured you would want water after what happened." "What...uh..caused the fire? DO you know?" His eyes turned orange -freaked me out of course-, he shrugged putting his hands up, "I dunno." His hands suddenly bursted into flames. I jumped, gaping at that. "Uhhh....Oh gee! How is this? I have absolutely know idea what happened!" His voice was full of lies. I starred at him, my eyes wide. He chuckled, his eyes turning red -Seriously, what!?-, "I caused it, of course. The forest looked a little dark, it needed a little...color." My eyes widened more, I dropped the -empty- lass on the bed, scared. He chuckled, his voice darker, "What's wrong? I did save you. I deserve a thanks." I stayed silent. He smirked, "I could just burn you instead." I gasped, "I-I...th-thank y-you!" He smiled, the fire disappearing, "You're welcome."  Hesitantly, I asked, "Wh-what are you?" WildFire sat beside me, "That, I can't answer. I'm human, at least I think I am. But I can control anything to do with fire. Watch." The lights flickered out, a small ball of flame appearing in front of me. I flinched, even more scared. The flame flickered turning f/c. I starred at it as it danced around the room, not taking my eyes off it. The fear faded as I watched it. Another flame appeared, a red one. The two danced around each other, twirling. I was so entranced in the wonder, I didn't realize he snaked his arm around my waist. When he pulled me closer, I realized it, blushing. He chuckled -Eyes orange now!-, starring into my eyes. I blushed darker. WildFire smirked, "You're so...beautiful." Even darker! I stuttered for a reply. He silenced me by...pressing our lips together. My eyes widened in shock, but closed, and I kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck, while he wrapped his around my waist, pulling me onto his lap. He pulled back with a smirk, looking up slightly, saying casually,  "Your hair's on fire." "WHAT!?"
It was indeed on fire.

Muhahah more OCS!! (Jinboooop nooooo)

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