Withermu x Scared!Neko!reader

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Y/n pov

I ducked behind a trash can as someone walked by. I accidental kicked a can and the man looked in my direction. "Hello? Is someone there?" My eyes widened as he came near my hiding place. When he saw me I hissed and backed up. He had wight eyes and two little helmets with bat wings flew on either side of him. He took a step back, "I wont hurt you." I hissed again. My tail was proofed up in fear and my ears laid back. I tried to look intimidating, but I wasn't doing a good job. He gave me a slight smile, "Come on I wont hurt you." He said taking a stepping towards me, I started to go to him, but I stopped, "H-how do I-I know you w-wont hurt me?" He sighed, "You just have to trust me." I took a step away from him, "The last time I trusted someone,  they tried to turn me in for money." "I would never do that to you." I crept towards him and stopped haft way, "Come on. I got milk and fish!" I mewed and walked to him. "What's your name? I'm Withermu." He said with a smile, "Y/n, nice to meet you." I said with a slight smile. "Come on, let's go get you some fish." He said walking away. I purred and bounded after him.

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