SkyCest Pt2 -SMUT-

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This will be my first smut. So...this will be cringy and horrible.....I really don't want to do dis........0-0 PREPARE FOR THE HORRIBLE WRITING OF THIS LEMON


Sky's pov

I refused to look at him. He growled and roughly grabbed (...) my crotch, making me cry out and snap my eyes open. "There we go.~" He purred. I realized what was going to happen and tried to push him off. He laughed evilly and pressed more of his wait on me, holding me down. He stroked me cheek, "This is your first time, am I right?" I blushed a dark crimson red and looked down. "Then I'll make your first time rememberable.~" He said. I whimpered and tried to push him off again. He grinned and attacked my neck. He searched for my sweet spot. I tried to hold in a moan as he found it. He smirked and bit down. I moaned quietly. He sucked and licked until a red mark was visible. He licked it again and moved back up to my mouth, kissing me gently at first. I of course didn't kiss back. He swiped his tongue over my bottom lip, asking for me to open my mouth. I refused to open my mouth though. He growled and grabbed my member again. I gasped. His tongue shot into my mouth. He prodded every place he could and claimed every part as his. He pulled back, a thin string of saliva connected our lips. He smirked and snaked his hand up my shirt. He yanked it off, along with my amulet. He pulled his own shirt and amulet, throwing them, along with mine, somewhere. He grinned and licked my nipple (AAHHH NOOO!), making me moan again. (;-;) Once he was done with that, he un buttoned my pants. "N-no." I tried to get away from him, he grinned and held me down. He ripped them off and threw them on the floor. He smirked and moved back up to me. He kissed me and palmed my member threw my boxers. I moaned into the kiss. I tried to get away from him again. He pulled back a little, "Stop struggling, I promise it'll feel a lot better." I hesitantly relaxed. "Good boy." He grinned and slipped his hand into my boxers. I held back a moan as he stroked me. He smirked again, "Don't hold it back, let me hear you.~" I moaned loudly, blushing at the noises I made. Sky (Just gonna call him Sky, and normal Sky Adam) pulled my hard member out, discarding my boxers in the process. He grinned and starred at it. I shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. (I'm listening to Flesh XD) He leaned down and licked the tip, drawing a small moan out of me. He looked up at me and took it in is mouth. I bit my lip as he slowly sunk down, taking more of me into his mouth. Even though I didn't want to emit felt good. I moaned loudly as the tip hit the back of his throat. He started at a slow pace, but gradually got faster. I tangled my hands in his hair and squeezed my eyes shut, bucking involuntarily. A warm feeling started to coil in the pit off my stomach. I tried to ignore it, but it got harder and harder to forget about it. "S-sk-ky-y ngh.~" I moaned. (*Cries*) He pulled off of me, I wined a little from the loss and confusion. "Sorry, baby, you don't cum until I'm inside you.~" (*Cries more*) I whimpered at that. He grinned and pulled off his own pants and boxers. I starred at his member, "Th-that w-won't fit." I said quietly. Sky smiled, "Then we'll make it fit.~" I whimpered again, I didn't like the sound off that. He reached over to his night stand beside his bed. He picked up a bottle of lube, (It took five minutes of coaxing myself to write this...) "Turn around, get on your hands and knees." He commanded. I blushed and hesitantly did what he said. As much as I didn't want too. He squeezed some of it onto three fingers. I gasped as he circled my (NO! YOU CAN DO THIS WYV! YOU'RE NOT BACKING OUT NOW!) entrance before pushing one finger in. (I can do this I can do this I can do this) I moaned and pushed back on his finger a little. He chuckled and pushed another one in. I whimpered, it hurt. It hurt a lot. He moved his fingers in deeper and made a scissoring motion. He pushed his third, thankfully final, finger in. I cried out, "P-please st-stop..i-it hurts-s." "Ssh, I know it'll go away soon." He said, calming me down a little. He thrusted his fingers (I now hate this word 0-0) in and out of me. After a moment, pleasure replaced the pain. He pulled them out and turned me around. He laid me on my back and got on top of me. I tensed up in fear. "Calm down, I'll be gently.~" He said, stroking my cheek again. I took a deep breath and relaxed. He smiled reassuringly and grabbed my hips. I whimpered and held on too his shoulders as he pushed the tip in. He kissed me gently, I kissed back this time, trying to block the pain out. He pushed half way in and stopped. "Tell me when to move." He told me. I grit my teeth together, it felt like my ass (I refuse to use any other word) was being torn apart. "G...g-go." I whispered after a long painful moment. He slowly dragged his member out and back in. I groaned in pain and refused to let his shoulders go. Sky pulled all the way out except for his tip and went back in, going deeper. I whimpered (again) and hid my blushing face in his shoulder. He thrusted deeper and I felt a small spark of pleasure. I moaned quietly. Sky smiled and thrusted faster. I moaned louder and clung onto him, "S-S-Sk-ky!~" He chuckled and slammed into me, slamming all the way into me. I moaned loudly and closed my eyes, laying back down.He smirked and bit my neck again, I turned my head to the side to give him more access. He sucked hard and thrusted faster. "Mm~ Ahh!~ S-Sky!~" He angled his thrust, searching for my prostate. I screamed in pleasure as he hit it hard. He grinned and thrusted harder, hitting it every time. He suddenly stopped. I wined and looked at him with pleading eyes. He smirked evilly, "Beg.~" I clamped my mouth shut. He reached down and ghosted his hand over my member. I bit my lip and watched him. He grabbed my member and slowly moved his hand up and down, "Come on~ Beg and I'll continue.~" I closed my eyes, "P-ple-ease.." He tilted his head to the side, "Please what?~" He was going to make me say it. "P-please....f...f-fuck me." I whispered. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, Adam.~" "PLEASE FUCK ME!! PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!" I screamed. (I'm blushing so badly and my step brother is in the room with me *-*) "As you wish.~" He pulled all the way out and slammed into me. I screamed in pleasure, "P-please! Faster!" He fucked me faster and jerked me off, matching his pace. I moaned loudly and arched my back off of the bed. He fell back, pulling me with him. He let go off my hips, "Bounce, babe, I know you want too.~" I blushed and placed my hands on his bare chest. I pushed myself up and dropped down, moaning. I went faster and harder. I bounced on his cock faster. I yelped as I was pushed on my back, Sky pulled out and flipped me over, thrusting back in. I moaned loudly, "Please, S-sky!~ Aah!~ Har-harder!~" I begged. He thrusted harder into me, I screamed in pleasure again. I felt the heat return in the pit of my stomach. "Say my name.~" He growled into my ear. "S-Sky.~" I whispered. "Louder!" He commanded. "Sky!" I said louder. "LOUDER!" "SKY! AAH~!" I screamed and came, cum splattered under me. (o-O') Sky moaned as I clenched around his cock. He thrusted one last time and cam, shooting his cum into me, filling me to the brim. He slowly pulled out. My body trembled from the feeling. I fell to the side, avoiding the sticky puddle. Sky laid beside me. I turned around and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him. We were both panting, trying to catch our breaths. "I love you, Adam." Sky said after a while. I smiled a little and whispered, "I-I love you too." He smiled and pulled me closer to him. I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep.

WELL THEN! THE WHOLE TIME I WROTE THIS MY STEP BROTHER AND SISTER WERE IN THE ROOM! I am blushing so hard right now *-* 1549 words off smut.....

Would you guys like more off this? I'm fine with writing more

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