DerpSsundee x Mute!reader

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(y/n) pov

I smiled and watched Ssundees latest video. "Do you want to know what I had to do to make this cake?" (If it's wrong pretened it's right) I loved derp Ssundee, maybe I had a little crush on him. I was walking absent mindly and I crashed into someone. I fell on my butt. I looked up at the person I ran into. "Oh! Sorry." Wait I know that voice. 'OH MER GERD THE DERP HIMSELF!!! I jumped up and mouthed 'Derp Ssundee' exidedly. He smiled and helped me up, "What's your name?" I pulled out my note pad and Wright, '(y/n). I'm a mute.' I showed it to him and he nodded, "Well I'm guessing you know me by your phone?" oh my god I love his voice! I nodded. (A puppy is trying to climb up my legs XD) "Ok just call me Ian then, it's easier then writing 'Derp Ssundee." I nod. Ian suddenly smiled, "DO YOU LIKE CAKE?" i tilted my head to the side and Wright, 'Yes. Why?' He read it and smiled bigger, "IMA MAKIN A CAKE!" He grabbed my hand ,"COME ON!" I blushed and he basically dragged me to his house. "Sit here!" He said pointing to the couch and running god knows where. 'Probably the kitchen.' I thought sitting down. I heard a door of an oven close and then Ian came out. He sat beside me, "The cakes cooking." He said happily. I nodded. 


The oven dinged and we went to Ian's kitchen. I sat down at the table and sat my note book in front of me. "What's your favorite color?" Ian asked digging in the cabinets. I wright (f/c) and hand it to him. He nodes and grabbed small thing of (f/c) icing. He pulled a (Favorite flavor) cake out and laid it on the table. He spread the icing on and grabbed some cherries and the icing tubes that you use to wright with. "Ok close your eyes." I did as he said and waited. He sat the cake in front of me, "Ok open." I opened my eyes, The cake had cherries in the shape of a heart and (s/f/c) fancy written icing saying, 'I love you.' I smiled and grabbed my note book scribbling out, 'Thank you! I love you to!' I handed it to Ian and he smiled. "Your welcome and.." He kissed me on lips quickly and pulled back before I could kiss back. "Now, LET'S EAT!" (OH MER GERD YOUR NOT CHIKA!) I smiled and we dug in.

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