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TODAYS MA B-DAY!!!! I GOT A PUPPY!! I WUV WU PIGGLET<3 Well it was the 3rd.

(y/n) pov

I looked around the forest, looking for some kind of shelter. I was caught in the middle of a snow storm. My ears were freezing and my (f/c) tail was encrusted in snow. 'I have to find shelter!' I thought trudging in the deep snow. My eyes were squinted as I searched for a safe place from the snow. My steps slowed and I was so cold. 'All I want is a warm bath. And warm, dry cloths.' I thought imagining a warm bath. I took one more step and collapses, fading into the welcoming darkness.

Insane Goldscolace pov

I growled and tried to see through the snow. I just finished killing another victim when it started snowing, badly. I saw a (f/c) shape in the distance. I wanted to know what it was so I walked towards it. I got closer to the shape I noticed it was... a girl? I knelled beside her. She was a neko, 'strange'. All I could see was her snow covered hair and ears. I stood up and turned her over with my foot. 'Is she even alive?' I keeled again. Her eyes were closed, her skin was pale and her lips are blue. I thought she was pretty so I picked her up, carefully.  She was shivering valiantly and was barley breathing. I ran the rest of the was to my house in hopes of saving her. 


 I opened the door and lied her on my couch. "I don't know why i'm doing this." I mumbled running to get blankets. I threw them on my bed and ran back to get the strange cat hybrid. The was barley breathing and still shaking. I felt... worried? No, I'm a murderer. I don't even know if i'll let her live. I gently put her under the covers. I grabbed three heating pads and placed them one on her stomach, her legs and a small one on her fore head. 'Is this enough?' I sat on a chair in the corner; I watched her slowly grow color and shake less violently. Her lips wern't blue and her breathing was normal. I stood up and felt her fore head. Warm. I left the heating pad off and sat back down, fiddling with the stitching's on the corners of my mouth.

(y/n) pov

I groaned and shifted, but kept my eyes shut. Last I remember I was freezing to death. And now i'm warm? I forced my eyes open. I sat up and a; heating pad feel off? I had one on my legs and beside me. There was at least a dozen blankets on me. My ear twitched in confusion. "Well hello~" I let out a surprised mewl. I looked in the corner, the and first thing I noticed was the stitches on his mouth and his yellow spiked up hair. I instantly freaked out. All the murders, were by HIM! es frowned stood up. I instantly backed up. My ears lied back and my tail trembled. I was still backing up, I yelped as I fell off the side of the bed. He sighed and started to walk around the bed to me. I hissed and tried to run out the door. "AAH!" I screamed when I was pulled by my tail and thrown onto the bed, HE quickly pinned me there. He snarled, "I SAVE YOUR LIFE AND YOU TRY TO RUN!" I flinched but then felt angry, "WELL WHAT TO YOU EXPECT? YOU KILL PEOPLE!" I snarled back. I insistently regretted what I just did. He growled and got closer to my face. "Well I didn't kill you," He said threw clenched teeth, It then turned into a wicked grin, "But I still can." I shrank as far into the bed as I could. My tail was still trembling. He sighed and got off me. I sat up and eyed the open door. "If you try to run again, I will slice your neck open." He growled blocking the door way. I nodded and he spoke again, "Good. I have to do something, if your gone when i'm gone, well, you won't like it." I nodded again. He left but slammed the door shut. I heard a 'click' then his foot steps fading away. I slid off the bed and tried the door. Yup it's locked. 'I have to get out of here.' I had to try. Right? I looked around, bed, table, window, cha-WINDOW?! I ran to hit and tried it. It slid open. I smiled then frowned. 'Should I leave? If I do and he finds me, i'm dead. If I stay, I don't know what will happen.' I wanted to know why he saved me. Why i'm alive." I shut the window. I walked back to the bed. 'Why am I alive?' I kept repeating the question in my head. I havn't noticed that two hours passed. I heard the front door open then close. My head snapped up, I jumped up and searched for a hiding place. I ran to the closet. I heard foot steps as I closed the door. I heard the click and the door open. I heard him walk in. He stopped in his tracks. "You little-" He growled. I heard his foot steps run the other direction. I peeked out of my hiding spot, He was gone, I let out my breath, which I was holdings. I held my tail in my hands and crept out. I walked down the hall. Brice's' back was turned away from me and he was...sharpening a knife. I quietly and slowly walked towards the door. I touched the door nod and a knife missed my head by centimeters and embedded it self in the wall. I let out a surprised squeak and whirled around. Brice was holding two knifes, one in each hand, and whore a toothy grin, one a madman would ware. He threw another knife at me, it whizzed past and cut my cheek. I yelped in pain and flung the door open. He cackled. I winced in pain and ran, he grabbed the knife that cut my cheek and sprinted towards me. I ran threw the snow. Another knife sped past. i yelled and changed directions. He grabbed the knife again. My cheek stung, but I kept going. He cackled again and gave chase. I weaved threw trees. I ran faster, adrenalin pumping threw my veins. I didn't see the hill and tumbled down it, scraping my elbow and knee. I got up and looked back to see Brice carefully running down the hill. I gasped and ran more. After about ten minuets, I stepped in a small ditch and twisted my ankle. It  hurt so much, but I kept on or tried to. I was going so slow, I knew I was done for. I screeched as a knife was thrown at me. It stabbed me in the shoulder. Tears sprang out of my eyes as my leg gave out. I heard Brice laughed and slowly walk towards me. I whimpered and tried to crawl away. "N-n-no." I weakly said. Brice giggled and put his foot on my back, holding me there. "ah, ah, ahh. Where do you think your going~" He teased. I cried harder. He ripped the knife out of my shoulder, I whimpered as blood pored out out of the wound. "Tsk, it would be a shame to kill you~" I just trembled and cried. My ears lied back and my tail twitched in pain. He smiled and took hid foot off m back and lent down, "And we wouldn't want that, would we?" I shook my head. He sighed picked me up. "I guess I could give you a chance." I nodded. He smiled, "Fine. Will you run?" I shook my head. He smiled again, "Good~" He turned and walked back to the house, carrying me bridle style. I was shaking, a mostly from the cold, but a little because I was still terrified. If he wanted to he could kill me right now. I was still crying from the pain. My shoulder was throbbing and my ankle was on fire. My cloths were wet from the snow, my tail was wet to, my ears and hair were also soaked. I so cold, Brice's chest was warm..I couldn't help but try and snuggle into his warm chest. My ear twitched when he giggled. By the time we got to his house, my teeth were chattering and I couldn't stop shivering. Brice opened the door and walked to his room, setting me on the bed. He walked to his dresser, he pulled out a t-shirt and some sweat pants, " Put these on. I'll get some gauze and an ice pack." I nodded looking down. He frowned and left, shutting the door. I peeled off my wet cloths and put the ones Brice gave me on. 'Gauze? Didn't he just get done trowing knives at me?' I thought wrapping a warm, (f/c) blanket around me. He walked in holding a first aid kit and an ice pack. Luckily my shoulder could fit threw the same hole as my head. He put the ice pack on my ankle, wrapping it jp to keep it there. I flinched when he touched my shoulder, he mumbled sorry and grabbed a wet wash cloth. He washed and cleaned the stab wound, *coughcough* madebyhim *cough* I whimpered when he pressed t]a little to hard, "Sorry. I'm being as careful as I can." He said grabbing the gauze. He wrapped it up and stood up. I looked at the floor, avoiding eye contact. He frowned but then brightened up. He walked out of his room. He came back, he was hiding something behind his back. I tilted my head in confusion. He smiled and sat beside me, still hiding whatever he had. He patted his lap, "Come 'ere." I blushed a little, I hesitated but still climbed onto his lap. "You know what, I never got your name." He said still hiding the whatever. "y/n." I replayed. He showed you what was behind his back. A brush. He gently grabbed my tail. I choked back a purr when he started brushing my tail. "Come on. Just a little purr?" He begged. He smirked and began to rub behind my ears. I instantly started purring. Brice giggled as I rubbed against his hand. I felt sleepy So I layed a little against his chest. He smiled and stopped brushing me. He pulled back the covers and layed me down. I closed my eyes, after a view moments I felt Brice lay beside me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. I didn't care at the moment because I was still shivering. I smiled and snuggle into the warmth. Purring and slowly falling asleep.

well that escalated quickly.

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