SetoSorcerer x Neko!reader x Intoxicated Seto

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Y/n pov

I sat on the couch, as the two bickered. "I had her first!" Seto hissed. "I won her heart first!" Intoxicated Seto hissed back. "No you didn't!" He yelled back, "You don't even like cats!" Oh yeah, I'm a neko, aka a cuddly kitten. They continued to fight, screaming at one point. I finally snapped, standing up, "BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" They went silent, shocked by my out burst. My tail flicked around, ears laying back. "I'm tired of you two always at each others necks!" Neither spoke. "Now, hug and say sorry." They looked at each other in disgust. I hissed, a growl rumbling in my throat. They threw themselves into each others arms. "I'm not going to choose." I started, "I love both of you equally. Now you two are going to  learn to love each other, got it?" They nodded, still hugging. "Stop fighting. Okay? I love both of you." I smiled at the end. They of course said it back. "I'm gonna show her more love then you can (Of that makes sense XD)." Toxic hissed. "Competition, eh? I'm gonna win." They separated and shook hands, "War starts now." I sighed, everything has to be a competition between these two! At least hey aren't fighting.
The next few weeks, even months, they were both competing to show the most love. I, meanwhile, loved every moment of it.

I feeeeel sooo siiiick ;-;
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