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Nightmare!Animatroic!Enderlox x reader

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I found the picture (I finally managed to fix the picture problem!) and thought, why not? 
Made by Dragooncatzombie (I think)

Y/n pov

I sighed, walking into my room, shut the door, and threw down my school bag. I sat on my bed, enjoying the hours before it started. What was 'it'? Let me explain, my parents gave me a plushie for my (Le age) birthday. Of course, it was cursed. Now, every night, five creatures attacked me. They were just...creepy....animatronics that were made to look human. It was awful. (They're normal, ones like golden Freddy *Couchcough Enderlox Cough* are the ones that are like Skybrine) Everyday, night, I had to make sure they didn't get in. now, it's the sixth night, and I didn't know if I could make it. But, one, Jason? I think it was, told me it would be different. I didn't understand....and I didn't think much of it. Sighing, I closed my eyes, hoping to sleep a little before twelve. I woke up to the sound of a door slamming. Gasping, I shot up, looking at the clock. 12:38 in big red letters. O gasped again, grabbing my flash light and running to the left door. Checking it, I saw nothing, so i checked the other, nothing. Then the closet and bed. Nothing. I sat on the bed, listening. Three hours passed, and finally, foot steps sounded in the left hallway. Yelping -I may or may not have been half asleep- I jumped up and ran to the door. When I found nothing, I shuddered, backing away. I ran to open the other door. Shining the flashlight down. I almost screamed when I seen it. He didn't leave when the light hit the others....he just starred at me. He stood still, starring at me with purple snake like eyes. He looked like one with hair that covered his left eye, exactly actually. Except....for a few things. He had huge black and purple wings, a black tail, over all resembled a dragon! I starred at him for a span of ten seconds, before my light shut off on its own. The sound if running made me slam the door shut. However, it didn't shut all the way. Black claws were keeping it from shutting, digging into the door. I tried holding it shut, but of course, the creature practically ripped it off its hinges. Apparently not playing red light green light anymore. I backed up as he starred into my eyes, a huge twisted grin plastered on his face. Fear coursed threw me, and I found that I was shaking. The creature let out a glitched laugh, his voice dark, "I've waited...so long to do this." I screamed as he slammed against me, shoving me to the floor and pinning me. I cried out in pain, struggling in vain as he dug his claws into my shoulders, drawing blood. He laughed, smirking at my pained and terrified expression. He easily kept me there, stronger then me, by a lot. Finally, I gave up, shaking even more. "Giving up already?" He purred, "You barely even fought." I closed my eyes tightly bracing for whatever pain he had in store. What even was he? Who? It's obviously not the one from before, that one didn't talk. "What's your name?" He asked. I opened one eye slightly. Small talk, was a murderess THING trying to make small talk!? "Y-Y/n..." I whispered. He smiled a sickly sweet smile, "Adorable. My name's Enderlox." Enderlox -as he said- got off me. Instantly, I jumped up to run. Only to have his tail wrap tightly around my ankle, pulling back down, and onto his lap. I blushed slightly, even though this is NOT the time to blush. The dragon hybrid thing chuckled, pulling me close. "I-I thought....y-you were going to k-kill me...." I whispered. He hissed, wrapping his claws around my neck, "I could do that instead!" I gasped, trying to pull him off, "N-no! This i-is fine!" He purred, letting me go and wrapping them around my waist. I blushed darker, letting the thing do whatever he wanted, since I would die if not. Enderlox continued to purr, nuzzling against my neck. I shuddered, still terrified, still shaking. "Calm down." He cooed, "I'm not like the rest. I wont hurt you." Hesitantly, I did, relaxing. He snickered, running his sharp -horrifyingly sharp- claws threw my hair. I yawned, and of course, he noticed. "Tired?" He asked, amused. I nodded sleepily, exhausted. "The guys not letting you sleep?" I nodded again, even sleepier. He smiled, "Don't worry, they wont give you anymore trouble, not while I'm here. Go ahead and sleep, I'll protect you." I smiled slightly, snuggling into his chest, and soon, falling asleep.

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