Tycest -SMUT- (Irl x skin)

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Sooo...This is an Irl deadlox (Ty :3) shipped with his skin (Deadlox ;3) I don't know if this is a real ship...but...yeah...IT IS NOW!! This is a smut....just...cause I can! ON WITH THE SMUTY SMUT SMUT!! Ty= normal irl Deadlox. Deadlox= skin minecraft deadlox

Ty's pov

I was playing minecraft, I wasn't recording or doing a mod...just..playing. I never really got a chance to just play it, normal minecraft. I smiled slightly, moving my character around. The best part was that I was alone, it was nice. After a while, I had a small house built and it was getting dark. I went inside and clicked on the bed. The little text came up, saying I couldn't sleep. I tried again after a moment. Still, nothing. I opened my door, seeing it was full out dark, monsters everywhere. I closed the door and clicked the bed. This time, instead of the normal text, some kind of other text came up, all the letters changed quickly, they either weren't English, or they were symbols. "Okaaaay?" I mumbled, sitting back in my chair.  I yelped slightly as my computer sparked. "What the-ACK!" I jumped up as it sparked again, my screen glitched, and smoke started to come from my monitor. I backed up slightly as it got worse. I was about ten eight feet away from it, watching as it sparked and glitched. Then, everything stopped, the screen went black, and everything shut off. I waited a second and walked forward. Great...it broke. I screamed as a bright flash happened from my computer, and I was knocked backwards by some force. I feel om my back, and the chair slammed against the wall. After that, everything shut off. My lights shut off, the computer -which seemed okay now-. I groaned and slowly got up. Moon light streamed in from the window, lighting the room up slightly. A figure stood in front of my computer. I walked forwards a little, trying to see who it was. I gasped and almost fell backwards. It...looked like my minecraft  skin? "What the h-hell." I whispered, staring at him. He looked scared. "H-hi?" He said back, just above a whisper. I felt like freaking out, "H-how is this possible?" He shrugged, "I-I d-don't kn-know..." I walked forwards slowly, he seemed to get a little more scared. "Hey, I wont hurt you." I said softly. He calmed down a little. His frame was small and frail (DUNNO IF I USED DAT RIGHT!! XD), I was taller then him, he reached about below my shoulders, he wasn't all blocky liked you'd expect, he looked normal enough. I lightly touched his shoulder, making sure he was real, "How are you here?" I asked him. He shrugged again. "Were you always...alive?" He nodded slightly, "I've always had a c-conscious...and wh-hen ever you're n-not playing th-the game I-I could move...and s-stuff." He had a slight stutter whenever he spoke, I think he's still a little scared...it's kinda cute. Wait...what did I say!? He rubbed his arm awkwardly. "What do I call you?" I asked. "D-Deadlox? I-It is my n-name....SH-should I j-just call you T-Ty?" I nodded. "Well...would you like to sit down?" He nodded slightly, looking down. He's so cute!...I mean...Um....I blushed a little. Thankfully the dark hid it. We both sat on my bed, talking a little. 'Do I like him?' I thought to myself, 'I do think he's cute, how he's nervous...scared even....I do....like him.' It took a lot not to kiss him now...a looot of self control is being used. Then...my phone alerted me that a very bad thunder storm was heading towards  my location. I decided not to say anything, it would be fine, I hope. We talked a little more, it was just small talk, we asked each other questions. A loud boom sounded from outside. Deadlox yelped slightly. "It's just thunder." I told him calmly. Thunder storms never bothered me, so I was fine. After a few minutes of silence. Then, as the thunder storm got closer. It started to rain hard. *BOOM* This shooked the whole house. Deadlox yelped and buried his face in my chest, shaking. I blushed a little and hesitantly wrapped my arms around him. More thunder crashed down, shaking the house more. He yelped again, and somehow ended up on my lap. I still had my arms around him, and he was still shaking with his head on my chest. It made me blush. It took me a moment to realize he was crying quietly. I rubbed hi back and whispered calming things to him. He calmed down after a while, but still stayed on my lap. Rain pounded against the window. Then..I let it slip, "I know how to make you forget about the storm.~" I instantly regretted it. "H-How?" I asked in a whisper. I said nothing...I could contain myself any longer. ..And I smashed our lips together. Deadlox's eyes widened and he froze. After a few seconds...it was unnoticeable at first..but, he kissed back. I smiled slightly as he kissed back more. His lips were so soft. I pulled away after a moment, realizing what I did, "I-I'm so sorry! I-I don't know what came over me." He smiled a little, "I-It's okay. I...kinda..l-liked it." He spoke quietly. I smiled again, "Really?~" He seamed a little surprised on how my vice deepened slightly, he blushed a little -there was a window by my bed, so I could see better- "U-Umm...y--yeah..." He yelped as I suddenly pinned him on his back. I kissed him again, roughly this time. He kissed back almost instantly. I licked his bottom lip, asking for him to open his mouth. He slowly opened it, a little unsure of himself. I instantly shot my tongue in his mouth, exploring the wet cavern. He moaned quietly as I slid our tongues together. I touched every place I could, claiming it all as mine. I pulled away, a thin string of saliva connected our lips. I smirked slightly and whispered in is ear, "How about we take this too the next level?~" I placed my hand on his chest and slid it down, "I can already see you're excited.~" He blushed a dark red and nodded slightly, "Pl-Ple-ease be g-gentle...I'm...still a...um..v-v-" I cut in, "I'll be gentle, I promise." He smiled a little, "Th-thanks." I hummed in response and tugged at his shirt. He hesitantly lifted his arms up, and I took it off. He blushed a little more. I chuckled and kissed his neck slightly, causing him to gasp a bit. I licked and slightly sucked,  he moaned quietly. I sucked harder and occasionally bit down, . Once i made sure a mark would form, I pulled off of him. I kissed down his body, stopping to lick his nipple (QUEEN, IF YOU SAY ANYTHING, YOU WILL DIE!!), and stopping at his pants. I looked up at him for permission, he nodded slightly, biting his lip. I grinned and ripped his pants off quickly, 'accidentally' pulling his boxers with them. He gasped at the feeling of his member hitting the air. I smiled widely and took half of him in my hand, slowly pumping. Deadlox bit his lip harder, trying not to moan. I  pumped him faster, "Come on, Loxy~, let my hear you.~" He moaned quietly, blushing harder at the nickname I gave him. I smirked, "Good little, Loxy.~" I licked the tip slowly, dragging my tongue all around his member, receiving small moans. I slowly took the tip in my mouth, sucking slightly. He moaned again. I loved the sounds he made...I wanted to make him scream. I took more in my mouth, once I got about half of his member, I slowly bobbed. I little Loxy moaned and tangled his hands in my hair, tugging slightly. I bobbed faster, taking more in, until I reached the hilt, deep throating him. I surprisingly didn't gag. He moaned loudly and bucked his hips slightly. I put my hands on his thighs and held him down, making sure he couldn't buck again. More moans left his mouth, his eyes were closed and he was panting slightly. I bobbed my head faster. His grip on my hair tightened. I hummed slightly, sending vibrations up his twitching member. "T-Ty! I-I'm g-gonna!" He gave a quiet scream (It not a bloody Marry scream dun think that) and came. I managed to swallow it all and I sat up. Loxs eyes were closed still and his chest heaved up and down a little faster then before. I smirked again and whispered seductively, "Ready for the real fun to begin?~"  He nodded slightly, looking nervous. "Do you want to do this?" I asked with a serious voice, looking into his eyes. He nodded, swallowing hard. I stuck three fingers in my mouth, getting them nice and wet. "Hands and knees.~" I said with a smirk.  He hesitantly did as I said. I slowly slid one finger in. He gasped at the unknown feeling (Did I use that right?....probably not XD). I added another. He groaned in slight pain, I slowly pumped them, making scissoring motions. He moaned quietly and laid his head in his folded arms in front of him. I added the third, waiting a second for him too adjust, and slowly moved them in and out. He moaned again, pushing back against me. I chuckled and when I thought he was prepped enough, I stopped. He wined a little. "You want the real fun, right?~" I nodded slightly, getting nervous again. I turned him around, and laid him on his back. I grabbed his hips and positioned myself. "Are you ready?" I asked. He nodded. I slowly entered him, stopping when I was half way in. Deadlox whimpered, tears pricking at his eyes, a few falling. I gently wiped them away, "Tell me when I can move." After a good five minutes, he nodded, "G-Go." Painfully slowly, I dragged out and back in, I steadily got faster, careful not to hurt my little Lox. He moaned quietly, making me thrust faster. I got a steady good pace and staid at it. "T-Ty.~ H-Harder! Pl-please!~" He begged. I grinned and grabbed his hips hard thrusting harder into him. He moaned loudly and dug his nails slightly into my back. I thrusted faster and deeper. I thrusted harder at each thrust, every time he would scream a louder. I angled my hips, searching for his prostate. He screamed my name loudly, telling me that I found it. I smirked and slammed into that spot. The bed hit the wall hard every time my hips smacked into his. "T-TY!~ I-I'M  AHH!~ CL-CLOSE!!~" He screamed. I grunted, "M-Me too!~" I thrusted hard a few more times, and he came, painting our abdomens. I moaned sightly as his walls tightened around me, sending me over the edge. I thrusted one more time and came, filling him to the brim, some even spilling out. He moaned and closed his eyes. I pulled out after a second and laid beside him. We were both panting exhaustively. I pulled him close to me, wrapping my arms around his waist. He smiled softly and snuggled against my chest. "I..I may be in love with you." I emitted quietly. He smiled more, "I-I may b-be in l-love with you t-too." I kissed his forehead, "Get some sleep." He nodded and in a matter of minutes, we was snoring softly. I held him closer to me and slowly feel asleep. ....Hey...I helped him forget about the storm...

I'm so horrible at endings, it makes me want to smack myself XD
I'm so sorry I haven't been updating lately....
I recently got two new hamsters! There names are Sugar and Spice (Expect a story soon XD)
Again, I'm soooooo sorry I haven' been updating, life is happening....life is punching me in the face....So...yeah...Very slow updates...sorry guys
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