Enderlox x Blind!reader

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Y/n pov

I walked down the school halls. Hearing the whispers.

"There's that blind girl."
"Look at her weird eyes."
"I heard she can't even find her way home."
"I bet she can't even do stuff on her own."
I could hear them all, and they hurt...made me feel horrible. The held back tears. My eyes weren't weird....I think. I was told they were a beautiful pale F/c. I walked out the school doors, I could feel the eyes on me. I didn't have anything with me, it was Friday so there was no need to bring my stuff home. 
"She's so weird and stupid! Shouldn't even be in this school! She needs to  go to a special needs one or something." 
I stopped. That...one comment. I changed my direction and ran towards the woods, tears poured from my eyes. I went here a lot..so a new it a little bit. But not much. I ran far into it, occasionally running into bushes, but somehow not hitting trees. I stopped when I realized I ran to far. "Oh no." I mumbled. I was completely lost. I listened for any sounds of life. It was quiet. It was completely quiet. Usually there was birds singing, or bugs buzzing by your ears. ....Something's wrong. Something is very wrong. I stepped back, turning to different directions, listening for anything. I could feel something watching me. Then, it was very quiet, but something crept towards me. "H-hello?" I called out, shaking slightly. I was terrified. I knew something was there. A low growl came from my right. I gasped and ran away from it. There was a loud snarl and whatever it was ran after me. I was suddenly jerked backwards, claws digging into my shoulders. I yelped and slammed to the ground. The creature jumped on top of me, pinning me there. I struggled terrified. "Stop." It growled. Wait...is this thing human!? No..It has claws. It sounded male. His claws dough into my shoulders farther, drawing a small amount of blood. I instantly stopped, terrified of what he would do if I didn't. He...sniffed my neck? He let out a quiet growl and seemed to e studying me. After a while he sighed, "You're blind...aren't you?" I nodded. His voice seemed calmer, almost nicer....that quickly changed, "Why are you her? So deep in the woods?" "I-I was um..r-running?" I said it as more of a question. I was telling the truth....but not the full truth. He growled again, his claws digging deeper. I yelped slightly and quickly told the full truth, "P-people were s-saying mean things a-about me a-and I r-ran to the w-woods!" He stopped, "Why to the woods?" His voice softened...only a little though. "I-I like the w-woods." I told him. "What's your name?" I hesitantly talked, "M-my name's Y-Y/n." "I'm Enderlox, you can call me Ty though." He got off me and sat beside me. I sat up, I was still terrified. I thought about Tys -I guess I should call him- claw. "Wh-what are y-you?" I dared to ask. "I'm a dragon Hybrid." He mumbled. I nodded a little. He asked, "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to come here?" "N-No...Wh-why not?" He chuckled darkly, "I brutally kill anyone who enters then I eat them." I squeaked slightly in surprised, "Y-You're not s-serious, are y-you?" "Yep." He bluntly said. His voice darkened, and he let out a deep chuckle, "And you, my dear, happen to be the easiest of prey." I scooted away from him, terrified now. I felt sharp claws drag across my neck. I squealed and scrambled backwards quickly. He grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up. I of course freaked out and struggled. Then, from what I could tell, he sat me on his lap. I stopped struggling in my confusion. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling my close to his chest. I blushed slightly, even more confused. He gently dragged his claws threw my hair. "I'd never hurt you though. Wouldn't dream of it." He whispered to me. I was to confused and surprised to reply. I managed to stutter out a quiet 'What?'. He held me so close, my face touched his chest. I felt my face heat up even more. He chuckled a little, his voice was soft. Again. Damn bipolar dragon thing. My eyes widened as I felt his lips press against mine; In a gentle... almost loving kiss. I found myself kissing back, after a moment. He smiled and pulled away. I almost wished he didn't. He held me close again, "I honestly love you, Y/n." I smiled slightly. "I-I kinda... maybe... might... love you too." He wrapped, what I presumed was his tail, around my waist. He pecked my lips, "You're the best human that has ever walked into these woods." I smiled and whispered a small thanks. I looked down and asked nervously, "U-um...C-can I... this is weird to say.... uh.. f-feel your f-face? It helps me kinda understand what you look like." He chuckled softly and guided my hand to his cheek. His skin was soft. I felt around his face, from what I could feel, he was beautiful. I smiled a little. He got up, holding me bridal style, making me blush again. He began to walk somewhere. "Where are we going?" In asked. "My house." "Why?" "It's to dark for you to get home. I don't want you to get hurt." He replied. I smiled a little more. This day wasn't that bed after all!

I'm so sorry for the long wait. Some stuff happened, I'm not going to talk about it. But I'm fine now. Everything's fine :) I can't find my request things.....so.....I don't know whu asked for this. I'm srreh ;-;

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