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CraftMurderDestroy x reader

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I'm not sure how he acts. I'm not sure entirely who he is XD I watched a few videos (I think ;-;) If I'm right his real name is Lachlan? I think..

I woke up with a start, from what I could tell, I was on a bed. I sat up slowly, looking around. Somehow overlooking the glowing red eyes in the corner. It was a very dark room, and I was unable to see a lot. But I could still tell it wasn't my room. I thought it was alone. Someone grazed his hand across my shoulder. I screamed and fell off the bed, fear blocking all my senses. A chuckle came from the bed, as someone leaned over it, starring at me. The red eyes glowed, slight illuminating his face. "Enjoy your nap?" He hissed. Before I could scamper away, he pulled me back onto the bed. I started shaking, terrified of him. I was suddenly pinned to the bed, his face less then an inch away. i yelped and couldn't stop the small blush from forming. "Maybe I wont harm you." He murmured, studying my face. I looked at him with begging eyes. "Fine." He muttered after a while, I let out the breath I was holding, "But you're mine now." "Wha-Hmf!?" He pressed his lips against mine. I just froze, not moving at all. He pulled away after a moment. "Mine." He growled, shoving me into my chest. I was still frozen. But now being against his chest. I realized that he had no shirt on. I also..couldn't deny that he was hot as hell.

Oh god that ending sucked. Oh well! I started this at One am then went to bed, so yeah, it's pretty bad XD
Requested by Kitkat4165

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